How Hakeem White Went From 30k in Debt to Millionaire At 26

How Hakeem White Went From 30k in Debt to Millionaire At 26

Hakeem X White was born in 1994 in Kingston, Jamaica. After his parent’s divorce when he was barely 5, his dad relocated to Florida with him. As his first business venture, Hakeem started selling candy and sunflower seeds. He would buy a value pack bundle for $5 and flip that into $25 by selling them individually. This simple business strategy made him a couple of hundred dollars over 2 months, but after his teacher kept seeing kids meet him up in the bathroom multiple times a day, she knew something was up. She reported Hakeem to the Principal, and that was the end of that business. Now Hakeem is a Personal Trainer who formulated a marketing strategy that is raking in 6 figures for him. 

Journey into becoming a fitness trainer

In 2012, he got accepted to the University of Florida to Study Nutrition hoping to become a dietitian. Hakeem believed this was his first win in life and later on, he discovered fitness had become his passion. Not too long after he became known all over campus as the “gym guy”, He was always at the gym exercising and working out. For the first time, girls became really interested in Hakeem, which proves the point that when you do things for the right reasons, every other reason will fall into place. 

Life and fitness in College 

In 2014 Hakeem turned his passion for fitness into a career. He tried to get certified through the school’s personal trainer program but got rejected twice. But the third time was the charm, as he got certified after his third attempt. He became a certified trainer and started working in the gyms in school. He also got a side job on campus as an RA to begin paying off his student debt. Later that year, pairing multiple jobs and school got difficult for Hakeem. He was in the top classes but he was the least smart in all of them; he failed Organic chemistry 4 times. 

In 2015, he filed his LLC so he could train people on his own instead. Hakeem was going to name his business “HakeemGetzGainz” but he figured he was about helping others and not himself and that was how HakeemGetzYouGainz, LLC was born. Later that year, he made his first online program at the request of a client he could not meet. When they first requested an online program, he did not know what he was doing, so he made a basic pdf with workouts and emailed it to them to do on their own. They surprisingly loved it and this client ended up being his first online client. After this, he started telling all of his clients to get online programs for 20 dollars instead.

Life and business after College

Life after college, as most people already know, is difficult. Hakeem struggled to figure out the online business and in his first year, he made 2,000. In 2017, he made 6,000, which was an improvement, but Hakeem believed he was meant for more so he decided to seek help. In 2018, he took out a loan and consulted a coach, who ended up taking all he had and leaving him defeated, ready to give up and in more debt.

However, Hakeem realized the only true failure is quitting. Everything else is simply the price paid on life’s journey, so he picked up himself and went back to work. A week later, Hakeem White came across an article that had just been released on the success of the new iPhone, bringing in billions. He figured he could revolutionize the online fitness business, so he studied up on the business model used to launch the iPhone and it was surprisingly simple. This then inspired him to draw up his own model for fitness! So he came up with an online program called “bubble butt babez” and made his own marketing strategy to get clients, a system, and a pricing structure to sell it.

It was a simple 3 step strategy and on launching; he made $5000 in a week which was more than he made annually in 2017. At the end of that month, Hakeem White made his first $10000 in a month. This restored his hope and in 2018 he made 6 figures that year in dollars. Hakeem’s Life was on the up for the first time in life. He went full-time online, moved into my dream place, paid off all my debts, and started traveling.

In 2019, Hakeem White’s fitness business did multiple 6 figures and a few of his trainer friends asked me what he was doing. So he shared his iPhone strategy, and they wanted him to show them how to do it. Hakeem was a bit reluctant because he didn’t know if his strategy would work for them, but when they persisted, he helped them for free, with no risk on his end.

To his surprise, just like Hakeem’s first online client, the trainers and their clients loved the strategy and within the first month, all of them were making over $10,000. Word spread fast and more trainers asked for help. 

In 2020 Hakeem is grateful to have helped over 129 trainers cross 6 figures online with his simple 3 step strategy and even now he is still using it in my business. The freedom he was creating for people seeing them leave their job, move out, and travel like he did was amazing.

In 2021 Hakeem wants to help 1,000 trainers get started online. That’s why he is giving out my 3 step strategy all for free. Hakeem has made a new 5 min training, breaking down his simple 3 step iPhone strategy for starting a 10k a month online fitness business in under 30 days. Hakeem usually only shares this info with my high-paying clients, but if you’ve read everything so far, here is a reward for you. Follow this link to access the free course by Hakeem White.