How Luxus Italy Has Evolved from Luxury Goods Retail to Premium Online Services in the Us

How Luxus Italy Has Evolved from Luxury Goods Retail to Premium Online Services in the Us

8 years after Luxus Italy arrival on the American ground as a Luxury Goods importer and retailer, the company has now evolved into a Marketing powerhouse providing services to grow and scale revenue online.

It was late 2012 when Marco Calamassi, owner and founder of Luxus Italy, obtained an investor VISA (E2) aimed at the import and retail of Made in Italy luxury products such as furniture, artworks and textiles.

The company opened a pop-up gallery in Coral Gables and soon developed agreements and connections with local stylists, interior designers and architects. In 2012-13 Luxus Italy and its founder Marco Calamassi established a wholesale channel through 8 local famous galleries and retailers who became substantial accounts in the near future.

In 2014-15 Luxus Italy added a clothing/fashion branch with the opening of a boutique located at 150 Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Fl under the name and DBA “Calamassi Italy”. A lease agreement was signed and the company imported and sold Made in Italy fashion and clothing with the utmost craftsmanship and quality to affluent Palm Beach residents.

The retail market, still affected by the 2007-09 financial crisis and the growing big-box retailers monopoly, seemed to start collapsing and at the same time the online sector driven by companies such as Amazon, Shopify and Facebook was starting to rise.

At that time Luxus Italy and its founder Mr. Calamassi realized that brick & mortar businesses were about to get old, making room for a growing demand of online sales and services.

The Calamassi Italy brand launched its first ever online website despite the fact that the brand itself was founded in 2001. Luxus Italy, which operated the Calamassi Italy brand, decided to transition all its operations online.

Despite the business evolutions, Marco Calamassi has kept all his ventures, investments and operations under his Luxus Italy LLC since its inception in 2012. During all these years Mr. Calamassi has applied social media strategies with the objective of growing sales, increasing margins and opening new distribution channels.

Since 2017 Luxus Italy has operated as an online marketing provider and ecommerce creator. Its founder Marco Calamassi is a renowned marketer with mentions and interviews on 30+ publications and 160.000 followers across his social channels.