How Rom Raviv is helping podcast creators and coaches scale their businesses

How Rom Raviv is helping podcast creators and coaches scale their businesses

Podcasting is a booming industry, with more shows being launched every day. Currently, there are already more than 2 million podcasts broadcasting from around the world. However, more than half of the podcasts available on different directories do not live past the 10-episode mark. This low retention rate is primarily due to the high workload on most independent creators to create and promote their show. This is where Rom Raviv and his brand can help.

Rom Raviv is a podcaster himself who has achieved great success within the industry. Rom first started in the entrepreneurial world by interviewing world-class business owners at age 18. This interview series, called Spreading Success, ended up reaching the Top 50 Marketing Podcast charts on iTunes in only its first six months of existence. After realizing the many challenges of being a podcast host, he decided to create an affordable podcast editing solution that included social media promotion, auto-scheduling, and more to solve the frustrations he had working on his show.

“I started PodBlade as a regular B2C podcast editing agency,” Rom says. “ Then, I realized that instead of competing with other podcast editing companies for clients, we could work together on the B2B back-end using our one-of-a-kind white label portal system designed specifically for podcast editing services”.

PodBlade is an agency with a difference. Rom identified a space in the market that he was perfectly positioned to fill due to his own vast experience as a creator.

 “We work with podcast coaches and marketing agencies to allow them to expand their services into podcasting without managing a whole production team. Today, after helping over 300 podcasters, Podblade has grown to a 6-figure company by taking a B2B approach to scaling through our unique Whitelabel system. We help businesses offer unmatched podcast editing services to their clients through white labeling.”

Like any other business, PodBlade did not become an overnight success.

“It was challenging starting because it was such a new concept to our potential partners, so it took a lot of explaining. After a few blog posts, a re-designed website, and consultation calls, it became a lot easier to show them why it’s a no-brainer to partner with us and increase their recurring revenue.”

Overall, Rom has a profound goal to help other podcast creators succeed in their businesses while also creating a lasting company with freedom from the 9-5.