How to activate the Pixel 8 Pro for Google’s Gemini AI experiments

How to activate the Pixel 8 Pro for Google’s Gemini AI experiments

Google has never wavered in its love of artificial intelligence (AI), which has only gotten stronger over the last several years. Google has persisted in shifting an increasing number of features from classical to algorithmic artificial intelligence processing. Although there are some drawbacks to this progression, there are also many advantages.

Earlier this year, Google made Bard available to the public. Now, with a few enhancements and the integration of several internal technologies, Google has unveiled Gemini, its newest LLM. This new AI comes in three flavors: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. With the latest December Pixel Feature Drop, only owners of Pixel 8 Pros will be able to get Google’s first taste of the final one, which getting to experience firsthand in a very limited release. Here are the steps to get started if you’re interested in seeing what it’s all about.

How to grant AiCore permission to use Gemini Nano

First things come first. You’ll need to enable it in the developer settings because Gemini Nano and Google’s new AI tools are still in the experimental stage. The Pixel 8 Pro can only access this option after updating to the December Feature Drop.

Get your Pixel 8 Pro’s Developer Options open. The following procedures must be followed in order to activate these options if they aren’t already on your phone.

  • Go to the Settings menu, select the About section, and then tap your build number multiple times.
  • An alert indicating that developer options are unlocked will appear after sufficient taps.
  • To find AiCore Settings, tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.
  • To activate Aicore Persistent, select AiCore Settings and press the toggle.

That puts you in a position to try out the two Gemini-equipped tools. Be aware that it might take some time for these to show up on your phone; Google advises leaving your phone plugged in overnight so the model can download.

How to use the Recorder app’s Gemini feature

The Recorder app on Pixel devices will soon receive the first of Google’s Gemini-powered tools. A prompt to view your summary will appear when you create or open a recording in the app and tap to view the transcript. As you may have already guessed, make sure you are using a Pixel 8 Pro running the most recent software version with the December Pixel Feature Drop before following the instructions listed below. Let’s start your Recorder summaries if you have checked those boxes and enabled AiCore as explained above.

  • Start your Pixel 8 Pro and open the Recorder app.
  • Choose a voice recording.
  • Press the Transcript menu item.
  • After reading the summary produced by AI, click OK.
  • Get the extensive language model here.
  • An AI-generated summary will appear above the standard transcript after it has been downloaded.
  • A pop-up message indicating that the transcript you have chosen is too lengthy will appear.

All it takes is that. As of right now, the summaries’ applicability to the results varies widely. It’s to be expected since this is still a new feature and only accessible to a select group of users. As more people use it, it should get better because believe that having the ability to summarize a recorder could be very beneficial.

How to Use Gboard’s Gemini for Smart Replies

This is the Gemini tool that will probably be more accessible and helpful to more people, especially once it becomes available outside of the Pixel 8 Pro and WhatsApp. Although limiting the functionality to Google’s priciest and most recent device severely limits the user base, using WhatsApp at least provides access to one of the most popular and expansive messaging services available globally.

Thus, if you’re a WhatsApp user sporting a Pixel 8 Pro, confirm that AiCore is enabled by following the instructions at the top of this post, and then launch the desired WhatsApp chat. You shouldn’t need to activate anything else if your device is already running the feature.

You should be able to choose to reply quickly when replying to a prior message. Although these answers resemble those you might have received in the past using Gboard’s Smart Reply feature, the new Gemini responses ought to get better with time. Try restarting your phone if the feature isn’t there yet; it might not have made it to your device yet.

Every day, it becomes more intelligent

The more data that is added to AI products like ChatGPT and Gemini, the more advanced the models will become. Users such as yourself and I produce that data by utilizing the features. Remember that this is a brand-new LLM, Google’s new Gemini Nano, which is being tested in the features above. As more people use it and as Google continues to make more improvements behind the scenes, the summaries and responses you receive today should only get better in the upcoming months.

Up until that point, Google’s most recent AI tools will be accessible through your Pixel 8 Pro. You can still use Google Assistant to assist you with many tasks until it expands into new markets, apps, and devices, but Gemini and the Pixel 8 Pro will be the only ones able to provide Recorder summaries and WhatsApp responses for the time being.