How to become a DJ? Explanations from the language of Shoeib Mardani, the famous Iranian DJ “shebi”

How to become a DJ? Explanations from the language of Shoeib Mardani, the famous Iranian DJ “shebi”

The word DJ stands for Disc Jockey, meaning a disc operator who plays pre-made songs by himself or others in a disciplined manner. This person has his first skill in merging and composing songs. In such a way that the listener does not recognize the beginning or end points of the music. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to break the rhythm. For example, to pass a song from six and eight to 4 and 4. In this case, moving to the next song requires knowledge of music, creativity and taste.

Today, DJs mostly use MP3 songs on USB flash drives or laptop hard drives. It is even rare for a DJ to use a CD. In the not-so-distant past, when technology was not very advanced, DJs were only able to play songs recorded on vinyl, in which sounds were engraved into a groove and then a needle. Which was placed on the vinyl inside these grooves and spread.

The evolution of DJ devices

Like all man-made equipment and technologies, DJs have undergone many changes over time. Today, most novice and even professional DJs use a device called a DJ Controller instead of a DJ Controller. They use DJ players. The controllers do not work alone. To DJ, you need to connect to a laptop via USB port and manage through software such as VIRTUAL DJ, TRAKTOR, SERATO, REKORDBOX, able to load songs from the hard drive. They are laptops, mobile phones, tablets or PCs. This has made it easier for most DJs to make playlists and find songs.

Who is a DJ?

How to become a DJ? Who is a DJ? Like all things in Iran, which is different from the world, the definition of a DJ in Iran and the world is a little different. From an international and global point of view, famous DJs are actually a composer and arranger in electronic and light music. It is special. Famous DJs mostly mix and perform their live music in festivals or even nightclubs.