How to enter the world of modeling What conditions should we have? According to Mohammad Rasekh

How to enter the world of modeling What conditions should we have? According to Mohammad Rasekh

 Take care of your health!

One way to model is to take care of your health. Always eat healthy foods and drink healthy drinks. Do not forget to exercise! Your physical health always makes you look your best.

Try to exercise with professional coaches and get advice from them. Some trainers specialize in modeling. Talk to your coach about your goals and desires in the world of modeling and tell her what you like to look like. Design your exercise and diet plan accordingly.

 Your weight and height should be within a certain range

One of the most important conditions that may limit many people is their height and weight, which is very important in the modeling profession, and the owners of these jobs will never fall short of it. Because advertising has its own principles and for the marketing job, the most important definition is the attractiveness of the advertiser, who, if it is a product, clothing and accessories, much more emphasis on it.

Height and weight condition for girls

Height between 170 to 180 cm and weight between 55 to 60 kg (size 34 to 36)

Height and weight requirements for boys

Height between 180 and 190 cm and weight between 65 and 75 kg (muscular and trained limbs are more important).


Of course, in Iran, for some reason, the modeling profession is more in the form of a photo model (PHOTO MODEL) in such a way that the model in question is ready to take professional shots by attending a studio, which is very sensitive to work in this way. Does not have universal values ‚Äč‚Äčabout height and weight and only has an attractive face (more emphasis on natural and intact faces)

 So all you have to do is register with modeling, fashion and advertising agencies and agencies that publish thousands of ads every day on virtual pages, newspapers and websites. There are just a few things to keep in mind:

Be careful when filling out registration forms so that the information you give them does not differ from what you see later on the day of testing and interviewing.

Do not wait for an advertising center and register several times at the same time or visit them in person to be checked sooner.

Only trust reputable and registered agencies

 How effective is a model’s personality in her development?

In the modeling profession, the character of a model has a great influence on her development. Models need to work on their personality and learn the behavioral principles of a model. A model must know how to talk, how to walk, how to eat, how to dress and even how to think! The social status of a model is different from others, and first of all, he must find the character of a model and cultivate it.