Ronnie Gauthier: Finding an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Hardships

Ronnie Gauthier: Finding an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Hardships

A decade ago, Ronnie Gauthier was in the middle of obtaining her master’s in psychology. Today, after a series of misfortunes, she is running a finance office with her husband, Jay Gauthier Jr. “I know not everyone would enjoy or can work with their spouse. But for us, it makes sense, and we work so well together,” Ronnie comments. “We help each other grow, and it’s very rewarding being able to accomplish our goals together.” After all that happened to her, Ronnie could not be happier with the professional and personal growth she has experienced over the last ten years.

Raised in South El Monte, California, Ronnie credits being raised by her grandmother as one of the most single influential parts of her story. “She taught me that with faith, a positive mindset, and an amazing work ethic, you can do what you want in life.” Gauthier has kept these morals close to her heart while building her career over the past decade. Ronnie and Jay Gauthier spend their time helping everyday people with their individual situations. They also train those who are working toward becoming licensed agents. On the training side of her job, Ronnie stated, “I am passionate about being able to coach and be a consultant to others who are trying to become successful in the financial industry.”

This newfound entrepreneurial spirit of Ronnie’s has not only given her much professional growth, but it has inspired personal growth for her as well. “It can feel at times like you are tearing yourself apart to build yourself up. It is a very uncomfortable feeling but part of the process when you are trying to succeed.” Gauthier accredits much of her growth – both professional and personal – to determination and patience. These two morals, along with those instilled by her grandmother and others, have taken Gauthier to brand new heights. Even though her transition from psychology to finance was a frightening life choice, Ronnie would not change a single thing. “I don’t think I would love what I do if it were only about my goals and my bank account. I have seen so much growth from the people I work with, not only in their business lives but in their personal lives as well,” shares Gauthier.

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