How To Make The Decision To Get A Roof Replacement?

How To Make The Decision To Get A Roof Replacement?

Most roofs need replacing every 2 or 3 decades, and due to the harsh climatic conditions in Australia, some residents may even have to replace their roofs more frequently. Many new homeowners might be unsure about the things to expect during a home roof replacement. The process can seem daunting. However, this article sheds light on what to expect from roofing services in Sydney and makes the process relatively easier.

The city of Sydney has over 120,000 dwellings and could grow to 171,146 in 2041. Reports show that west of Sydney can get up to 50 degrees Celsius, and as most housing built by the private sector are black-roofed, single-glazed properties that are crammed together, it gets hot and stuffy. The New South Wales Government is also introducing a law banning the dark, slate grey roofing and urging residents to install cooling roofs.


Signs That the Roof Needs Replacing

Unless the roof shows obvious signs of damage and rust or leaks when it rains, one might not pay much attention to it. However, it’s important to keep an open eye on certain signs to ensure safety and prevent excess damage.


Homeowners Want to Restyle the Look

Fashions fade, and this is the reason many homeowners decide to replace the old style with Zincalume, Colourbond or such modern roofs. Some seek inspiration from catalogues or want to match with the neighbourhood’s roofs. Sometimes there are old tiles or slate roofs that look a little outdated. In such cases calling roof services might be the solution.


The Roof Has Asbestos

Asbestos is a set of naturally occurring minerals that offers chemical and heat resistance, strength and fireproofing. However, research shows that it is also extremely dangerous. There is still a certain amount of asbestos hidden in the homes of Australia. The asbestos sheeting is toxic to the lungs and can cause cancer and mesothelioma. One must consult with roofing services in Sydney if they suspect their roof has asbestos.

The Roof is Leaking or Has a Cavity

Drip, drip, drip. Having a leaky roof is not a pleasant experience. While a little leak may be tolerable and easy to patch up, if there is a large cavity in the roof, with leaks in multiple places, then it could be a sign that it needs work done by professionals. Leaking roofs can affect the house’s structure, damage the interiors, furniture and cause algae growth. It can also be extremely unhealthy and dangerous for the residents.


The Roof is Coming Loose or Warping

Roofs do not last forever. Over time, the once beautiful roof could look worse upon use, wear and tear, or parts of the sheets could get loose. The roof deck may get damaged, mould and mildew can develop, the ceilings and drywalls can be destroyed. Old roofing can also become risky and liability for injury. This situation may indicate that it is time to hire roofing services in Sydney.


What To Expect From Roof Replacement Consultation

Before anyone starts tearing off the roof, the roofing contractor visits the home for an inspection. It allows the professional to assess the strength, integrity and needs of the roof. They can also recommend the best course of action for the roof replacement and provide a detailed quote for the process. The residents can ask the professionals any questions they have about the roof replacement, what they can expect, and arrange for the best time to begin the work. The homeowners can make their final decisions about the roofing services.