How to see a Person’s Activity on Instagram?

How to see a Person’s Activity on Instagram?

Have you ever wondered how to see the activity of a person on Instagram? Be it a family member, friend or your partner. For this, there are several ways that you can take, from the same mobile application, which is why we will present the options below.

As you know, in your feed of your Instagram account (this is the place where the publications of your followers appear), you can see part of their activities, specifically what they publish and if they have mutual friends, it is possible to see the “Likes” they have given to other publications. This would be the basic form, that is, the first option; but not as detailed in the information, you can extract.

Another way would be, being inside the application, press the heart icon (here you will see your own activity included) and then give where it says, “continue”. In this section of the application, you will then be able to observe in a little more detail the activities of the user that you are monitoring; but not only his, but also the others you follow. That is why alternative that we just mentioned could be a bit tedious, since it would take a long time to see specifically the user you want to monitor. Also limiting, that it is not possible to see the other actions that that person has carried out, being inside the application; even because Instagram itself shows only a limited number of activities, but not all.

Another way of how to see the activity of a person is through Instagram tracker. It is seeing if it is online. Of course, this form will not really provide you with anything, beyond knowing that you are connecting at that precise moment, it can even tell us how long ago your last connection was. To find out, just hit the Instagram Direct inbox icon; a requirement of this is that you already have an open chat with that person, that is, they have already spoken previously; in this way, then you will be able to see everything that was mentioned in the previous paragraph.

An important fact about this is that the other person can deactivate these options, as part of their privacy and thus, they prevent it from appearing if they are connected or when was their last connection. If this is the case, this other method will not help you, if you want to monitor the activity of a follower.

Snoopreport, as an Instagram activity log tool

With what has been said above, you are probably wondering if there really is any way to see a person’s activity on Instagram. In a detailed and concise way; also, that it is quite accurate as well. Snoopreport is a tool that allows you to see in a detailed way the activity of an Instagram user; Not only will you be able to see their “likes”, but you may also see other types of information.

See someone’s likes on Instagram: they talk a lot. Instagram activity history is available to you in beautiful and practical reports; see the report description and examples below. View weekly and monthly Instagram activity reports on your dashboard. Not only will you be able to see the activity of a specific person on Instagram, but you will also see all the Instagram actions in the form of a useful and easy-to-read report. Not only will it help you see when someone was on Instagram the last time, but also it will show you a full picture, distribution of someone’s Instagram likes, and follow-up throughout the day and week, helping you know when.