ICNA Continues to Support Education for Women

ICNA Continues to Support Education for Women

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has strengthened its presence in the American Muslim population as a ground-breaking progressive organization focusing on literacy, self-development, outreach, and community services.ICNA has become a very impactful association, which makes it an essential association for the Muslim community in North America. The constant efforts and unique approach to every problem have made ICNA stronger over the years. The motivation of all the people working in these associations is aligned and very high. The people’s support and ability to serve no matter what the situation makes it a great association. ICNA strives to bring Islam and the Muslims of North America closer and well-connected. For achieving its purpose, ICNA has always been ahead of the time to introduce new and innovative ways of providing services to the people.

Usratul Maria Project

For English speaking sisters, Usratul Maria is a nationwide educational system. Usratul Maria aims to help each other in their souls’ Tazkiyah to facilitate the process by creating possibilities and forums for it. Establishing the Tarbiyah System (Education and Self-Development) for Native Sisters associated with ICNA and building the ICNA Sisters Wing Mainstream Society Foundation.The Quran Tafseer classes were held in 14 cities (including online), with more than 500 participants in attendance. There were 400 lectures; more than 2,000 sisters participated in the talks. Fourteen cities conducted the Welcome Ramadan program. Through a webinar focused on Hijab, marriage, and Women’s Rights, the Usratul Maria team hosted three special lectures for the Muslim population in North America. The Usratul Maria Tarbiyah Seminar was held in April 2009 in Dallas, TX.

ICNA’s Sister Wing

The ICNA Sisters’ Wing is an ICNA division which strives to provide women of all races and backgrounds with Islamic education and training. The reason for creating the Sisters Wing was to mobilize and empower women of all ages and allow sisters to outline the Deen’s framework freely within their circle by providing platforms through education, outreach, and organizational skills. This division of ICNA was established in July 1978.

ICNA also actively and enthusiastically participates in empowering the Muslim sisters by teaching them skills, giving them education, leadership roles, and moral support to all the community’s women. Sister Wing of ICNA is also a very well-organized department filled with talented and helping individuals with only one aim of empowering and supporting the women of the Muslim community of North America. Their Sister Wing is also rapidly spreading and expanding.Itis now serving many partsof the USA than ever before. The women of ICNA get equal opportunities to lead and be in leadership roles, head projects, and departments. In this way, ICNA is creating a strong bond between Islam and North American women.

ICNA’s Sister Wings are further spreading and getting stronger by the support of the people and the team of ICNA. The ICNA’s consistent and dedicated efforts are strong proof that this organization will continue to be the source of guidance and assistance for the Muslim community in the future.