Icon Broker Network is Transforming Real Estate Agents into Top Producers

Icon Broker Network is Transforming Real Estate Agents into Top Producers

Whether you are a brand new agent or have been in the field, it is extremely tough to find the right network of people that have your best interest at heart. That is why Joseph Colella, Matthew Rowack, and Chris Soper were inspired to create the Icon Broker Network. Icon Broker Network focuses on teaching real estate agents how to 10x their business through marketing, world class sales training, lead generation, recruiting, team building, and mindset. Icon Broker Network is a global real estate training company that can be a resource for solo agents or teams.

As individual agents themselves, these three have been able to hit 100+ transactions a year all while scaling a team of 25 agents to each maintain a minimum of 30+ sales a year. This formula for success sparked the drive to transform the lives of 1000s of agents to become top real estate producers. Their philosophy is led by production and results that being a top agent is not a one size fit all model. The foundation of the Icon Broker Network begins with multiple systems, processes, and industry knowledge.

Colella, Rowack, and Soper created the Icon Broker Network because of the gap in the industry for top tier training for agents. Being in the real estate industry is extremely competitive and there is no road map accessible to agents that provide step by step access on building a real estate business into a successful 6-7 figure career. This is why nationwide the average full time realtor is only closing 4-7 transactions annually.

Icon Broker Member, Sarah Shanaa, stated “I enrolled myself in the Icon Broker Network a couple of months ago. Last month alone I closed 4 deals with 6 transactions in the pipeline. My coaches are very resourceful with boots on the ground and easy to reach. It’s been an amazing experience being coached by Joe, Matt, and Chris. If you want to expand your horizons and be the best agent you need to join this network today.”

Icon Broker Network is a world class training program in which everyone encourages each other to win. If you or anybody you know is a real estate agent looking to level up their career be sure to check out Icon Broker Network.