In conversation with influencer Sandhya Naidu about her journey as a digital creator

In conversation with influencer Sandhya Naidu about her journey as a digital creator

Social media platforms have been a stage for numerous talents, and Sandhya Naidu is one of them. With a vision of achieving her passion and earning a name in the online space, she embarked on her journey as a content creator. And today, this young lady is leaving glimmers in every genre. From fashion to travel and lifestyle, Sandhya is turning heads with her authentic content!

We got a chance to get in touch with this multi-skilled persona and ask her a few questions about her journey, and here’s what she said…

What inspired you to start your career as a digital creator?
While I was achieving my career in law, I also had constant thoughts of building my online presence. That urge to do something for myself pushed me to enter the online space as a digital creator. Initially, I started with blogging, and my major focus was on budget travel and fashion. Eventually, I continued experimenting and showcased all my talent.

You have worked with over a hundred brands from different verticals; how do you feel about that?
I feel overwhelmed that in my 7-year stint I had a chance to work with more than 250 brands. Be it lifestyle, travel, fashion, or beauty, each brand is different in its own way, and I had a whale of a time working with all of them. I’m glad that I could give creative output to these brands for their promotional activities, and they could relate to my content and make it reach the maximum audiences.

Being a part of the online space, how do you think social media is influencing our lives?
In today’s age, social media has emerged as a need. Everybody wants to be in the online space. Therefore, it is influencing our lives in multiple ways. However, I always want to create the right influence on my audiences. I do not believe in exaggerating or misleading my audiences, and we all need to be authentic.

What message would you like to pass on to the emerging content creator?
One message I would like to give is to stay true to your content. What is your content about, what is its quality, and when are you posting it on Instagram? You need to be very particular about it. After all, content is king, and that’s the only way to win the hearts of your followers. Moreover, don’t hesitate to be experimental and follow all the genres. Let people know you as a person and how you are in all the different spheres.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I wish to develop neoteric_style as a sustainable brand. A brand that doesn’t only follow trends but also sets them. I hope that the people who are following me look up to me as an inspiration in whatever niche I’m creating content in and that I will never fail at delivering quality content to them.