In conversation with one of the rising most writers and film-makers of recent times – Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi.

In conversation with one of the rising most writers and film-makers of recent times – Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi.

Winning people’s love and respect, the young talent has achieved tremendously in the artistic field.

It is no walk in the park to create a name for oneself in the desired industry. It may even take years for some people to realize what their hearts seek and make pertinent efforts to create that momentum for themselves the way they want. But, all those people who today stand apart from others and have gained great respect and appreciation from others are the ones who have kept on moving on their path no matter what. We met one such high-performing writer and film-maker from Unaizah, Saudi Arabia, whose passion for writing grew as he grew up and then spread across film-making as well; he is Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi, who we had the good fortune to interview.

Let’s get into a quick chat with him to know more about his success story.

• How did everything start for you in the creative and artistic industry?
I developed a close inclination towards writing stories from a very early age and little did I know then that this interest would become my destiny. I studied at the universities, but my passion was only in writing. Also, reading many stories and novels helped me learn many new things and broadened my mindset for the better.

• What do you exactly do and what has inspired you to keep moving ahead in your journey?
I am a passionate writer and love to make films. The quest to do something great and impact people’s lives through my writing skills and films has always inspired me to do better each day.

• So, when did you come up with your first novel?
I was only 18 years of age and I wrote the novel Diwan Al-Orouba, which to my astonishment, went ahead to garner so much love and appreciation from people, I was overwhelmed.

• As a writer, what has been your USP?
Being real and genuine with my writing, focusing on writing stories from the reality of people’s problems and concerns, as they are, has what I believe helped me stand apart from others.

• How would you define success and failure?
All those who stop trying and self-doubt their abilities are headed towards failure and success is when individuals win people’s love, respect and appreciation for what they do.

• Any upcoming projects?
Yes, I am super excited about the new story, which I am writing right now about a girl who suffers in an oppressive society.

Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi has many successful projects to his credit as a film-maker and writer, which has earned him massive numbers of followers on social media as well.