In conversation with one of the topmost photographers of the world – Gabriel Maia.

In conversation with one of the topmost photographers of the world – Gabriel Maia.

We got in touch with this ace Environmental Portrait Photographer and learned about his journey and success.

Travelling can open up mindsets and also broaden one’s visions, this is what we have heard many times in our life; but this stands absolutely true for certain professionals in this world, who have taken great cues and inspiration from travel and the environment around to make it huge in their endeavours. Gabriel Maia is one such man from Brazil who has been consistently making a lot of buzz with his photography talents, especially with portrait photography and capturing the best of nature and the environment. Today, we got in touch with this ace photographer to learn more about his journey and what really kept him unique from others in the industry.

• From where did it all begin for you?
I think I saw a great inclination towards photography when I was very young and I also noticed how the curiosity to do more with the camera kept increasing. Hence, at 17, I was ready with an advanced camera to take on the world and express my creativity through my photography talents.

• Over the years, how to do you see the industry’s growth?
Oh, it is incredible, I must say. I have been fortunate to see some of the most breathtaking art from photography artists and it only proves their true passion for the same, which makes me even proud to be a part of this industry. Looking at these art portraits, more and more people have shown interest in the industry and have also shown the promise to further grow the industry in the coming years with their creative talents.

• Tell us more about your daughter’s role in your success.
Well, I guess my son Bruno and daughter Rosiane both had very early understood their love for photography. Rosiane worked as my muse first and went ahead in observing the process of a proper shoot for models. She learned many tiny details and honed her skills both in front of the camera and off it. She has travelled with me to so many places in the world and together, we even curated portfolios, which were approved by Vogue Italia editors and today, multiple of those images are at the Photo Vogue Italia and Art + Commerce.

• What has made you stand unique in the industry?
I believe my daughter and I share a beautiful father-daughter bond and together produce spectacular art through photography, which has helped us stand apart from many others in the industry.

• Lastly, what do you think will keep growing the photography industry?
Till creativity flows in a photographer’s mind and heart, great images will keep getting captured and the industry will keep growing.

There’s a reason why Gabriel Maia today is known as one of the leading Environmental Portrait Photographers and he still feels he has just begun. Want to see some of his magic in photography? Follow the Instagram handle, @rosyimages