India Will See Volvo Introduce One New EV Annually Starting In 2025 With The EX30

India Will See Volvo Introduce One New EV Annually Starting In 2025 With The EX30

One of the few significant automakers that has been outspoken about the necessity of switching to battery-powered electric cars (BEVs) is Volvo. The Swedish automaker is committed to having a completely electric brand by the end of this decade, which is why an increasing number of BEVs have been introduced recently.

During a recent roundtable discussion with the media, Martin Persson, Head of Volvo’s Asia Pacific, excluding China (APEC), reaffirmed that the company will now introduce one electric vehicle (EV) in India annually. For context, Volvo introduced the C40 Recharge crossover and the XC40 Recharge single-motor model in India last year and this year, respectively.

Volvo EX30 To Go On Sale In 2025; EX90 Is Also Planned

The EX30, which is expected to debut next year, will be Volvo’s next electric vehicle to be introduced in India. Being the first luxury subcompact electric SUV, the EX30 is a one-of-a-kind EV. 35,000 EX30 electric SUVs have been sold worldwide, making it the most reasonably priced model in Volvo’s lineup.

The EX30, which sits beneath the XC40 Recharge, comes in single- and twin-motor variants. As anticipated, the latter has an all-wheel drive layout, while the former is equipped with a single electric motor and rear-wheel drive. The identical 69 kWh battery powers both versions, however Volvo has not yet made the precise WLTP range for this particular model public.

Additionally, Volvo asserts that the EX30 is the most environmentally friendly model ever produced on its assembly line. The EX30 uses a lot of ecological materials inside and out in addition to its all-electric drivetrain. It asserts that this makes it the car with the least carbon footprint of all. In addition to the EX30, Persson stated that the EX90 is also being developed for the Indian market, though he would not specify when the product will be released.

New ICE Models And A Nomenclature Change

To set its electric vehicle portfolio apart from its current internal combustion engine range, Volvo has chosen to rename its lineup. The existing XC40 Recharge will be renamed EX40, fully removing the letters “XC” and “Recharge,” just like the forthcoming EX30 and EX90. Likewise, the C40 Recharge will now be called EC40, where the letter “E” stands for electric.

Given that Volvo is unmistakably moving toward a more environmentally friendly future, is the era of internal combustion engines over? “I think what you should understand is that when we launch any new product, they will be products OK to fit into the future,” Persson replied in response. However, it’s not as though we’re removing our existing offerings (ICE models). He went on to say that Volvo will soon introduce new versions of the XC60 and XC90 in India.

India Sold More Than A Thousand BEVs

Volvo acknowledged during the conversation that since the XC40 Recharge’s 2022 introduction, more over 1000 BEVs have been sold in India. The Swedish company did not, however, disclose a breakdown or a precise amount. In 2023, the luxury market in India had sales of over 45,000 units, of which 7% were electric vehicles (EVs), accounting for over 3,100 units. Volvo asserts that it has a 23% market share of all luxury vehicle sales.

Persson also discusses the rising popularity and demand for SUVs in India. There is only one car available from Volvo’s current lineup of five models in India: the XC90. Even while sedans are still in demand, he claimed that SUVs are currently more popular worldwide. After some time, though, the tendencies can shift.