Indian Army – The champion of Scout Masters Competition

The fifth International Army Scouts Masters Competition has commenced this year from August 5 to August 16 where eight army teams belonging to countries of Armenia, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, India, Russia, Sudan, and Uzbekistan have competed with one another in five different stages. The competition is a part of yearly army games conducted to strengthen friendly ties with foreign nations and enhance their overall team spirit. These games are supervised by Russia and for the first time India took the lead to host the competition this year. Infiltration and ambush, scout specialist course, scout trail obstacle course, small arms firing, floatation, and exfiltration are the five stages in this competition designed to test all the eight army teams. For each stage, rankings are determined as per the performance 1 being the best and 8 being the least. From the beginning, Indian army has been undefeatable, winning all the first four stages and was second only on the fifth stage, thereby winning the whole competition. Fifth stage involves a scout trail obstacle course at the military station and teams has to cross 150 meters by carrying arms and equipment. Uzbekistan winning only the fifth stage stood second overall, followed by Russia and China.

It is notable that Indian army has participated the army scouts competition for the first time and has won it. 10 months prior to the army games, specific members from Indian Army has been selected and they have been given a rigorous training in several extreme weather condition under the charge of southern command making the team prepared to compete against other international teams.