India’s Biggest Pageant for Teens, Miss, and Mrs.

India’s Biggest Pageant for Teens, Miss, and Mrs.

Many beauty pageants promote a narrow narrative of femininity—that a beautiful woman is single, size zero, and a runway model.

Married women and teenage girls do not often come within the purview of beauty contests. A progressive beauty platform promotes equal representation across all age groups—whether it’s Miss Teen, Miss, or Mrs.

The International Glamour Project (TIGP) is one-of-a-kind in this regard, as it recognizes women from all age groups intending to bring equity in the pageantry sector.

The International Glamour Project introduces the largest and most favorable pageant platform in India. This pageant-cum-personality platform allows any woman to register, regardless of age or height. It offers three distinct titles for contestants. Teenagers participate in the Miss teen India contest while those aged 19 and unmarried vie for the Miss India crown. Married women (21 plus years) vie for the Mrs. India crown.

This glamour platform is unique since the leaders prioritize inclusivity and believe that every woman can participate in beauty pageants.

Therefore, The International Glamour Project smashes the blinkered notion of age-specific relevance and maturity by catering to Miss Teen and Mrs.

Most platforms offer the Miss India crown. When you search for all miss India images on the web or gallery, you will find that most of them look young, probably in their 20’s or early 30’s. These findings imply that many potential women are filtered out by the pageant systems’ selection criteria.

Being in a civilized era means that we need to get over some of the long-standing misconceptions around the pageantry. The International Glamour Project is introducing India’s biggest pageant for women in all age groups. Aditi Govitrikar, the winner of Mrs. World Title in 2001, is a true inspiration to those willing to join the pageant.

Twenty years down the line, she is still a trendsetter and a mentor at India’s biggest pageant, The International Glamour Project. This shows that the glamour project is committed to helping every willing woman to achieve her dreams. At the International Glamour Project, age is nothing but a number because the project believes every woman is capable in her way.

The international glamour project does not only recognize beauty in women of all ages. Instead, it concentrates on equipping and empowering them with crucial knowledge that they can leverage to kickstart or boost their careers both nationally and abroad. Participants of this glamour project have a golden opportunity because they get mentorship and training from former winners and veterans in the pageant industry and beyond.

Breaking the age limit in India’s pageant systems can help more women to get opportunities to explore their careers. The International Glamour Project aims to eliminate this restriction by introducing several age category titles to suit participants of all ages. To register or learn more about India’s biggest international pageant, The International Glamour Project, click here.