India’s top 5 solar startups

India’s top 5 solar startups

Startups these days are always coming up with creative ways to introduce new technologies to the general public. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning in the renewable energy sector is one of the most significant technology trends for the planet and society.

India is one nation that has recently seen a rapid expansion of its renewable energy industry. Wind, solar, and geothermal energy sources are among the renewable energy sources that are being adopted more quickly thanks in large part to startups.

The producers of solar energy are regarded as industry leaders, experiencing a steady increase in demand. They are useful in facilitating the energy needed to run household electric cooking utensils that produce the necessary amount of heat. The solar energy sector in India is expanding quickly, and there will likely be a large number of job opportunities for technical professionals in the near future.

The Indian government is actively helping participants from all over the world to produce and create the necessary ecosystem in order to support and promote the country’s green energy system.

Green Energy Saatvik Pvt. Ltd.

Among the top 10 solar panel manufacturers in India, Saatvik Green Energy is one of the top-ranked and fastest-growing manufacturers of modules. As things currently stand, the business operates out of Ambala. The production facility is outfitted with cutting-edge, ultramodern machinery that is built with robotic technology in mind. The Saatvik Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. power plant can produce about 1.5 GW of energy annually. High-end, premium solar PV modules are manufactured and constructed by Saatvik for use in rooftop, commercial, and utility applications.

Saatvik Green has set impressive standards with its high-quality goods and services. The company consistently emphasizes its ranking as one of the “Top 10 Solar Module Manufacturing companies in India,” having gone from nowhere.

The Green Adani

One of India’s top 10 producers of solar panels is Adani Green Energy. At the moment, Adani Green Energy is producing solar photovoltaic modules. A division of Adani Enterprises Ltd., Adani Solar is among the top 15 utility solar power developers worldwide. The company’s headquarters are in Mundra, Gujarat, and it produces solar cells and modules with a capacity of more than 1.5 GW.

The first and biggest vertically integrated solar company in India, Adani Solar provides products and services for the whole photovoltaics manufacturing market. The state-of-the-art technology includes tools and machinery that were purchased from the top suppliers. The company’s goal is to support cost leadership, operational scale, and reliability standards that are comparable to global benchmarks. The world’s first fully integrated and comprehensive 10 GW solar PV eco-system is presently being built by Adani Solar.

Solar Systems Tata Power Ltd.

One of the first solar companies in India to be founded was Tata Power Solar Systems Limited. The business was founded in 1989. Tata Power, which has a 1,100 MW manufacturing capacity, may produce solar cells and modules.

They dominate a sizable chunk of the residential and commercial solar markets. The products that Tata Power Solar Systems Limited helps to facilitate include water pumps, off-grid and on-grid solar systems, RO systems, and more. With 5.6% of the market, Tata Power Solar is one of the leading companies in the EPC solar system industry. Tata Power has 2,628 MW of renewable energy capacity overall in India.

Labs at Uravu

Engineers Govinda Balaji, Venkatesh RY, Pardeep Garg, and Swapnil Shrivastav founded Uravu Labs. The Bengaluru, India-based company Uravu Labs uses only renewable energy sources, such as biomass, waste heat from industry, and solar energy, to create “water from air.”

The Uravu AWG (atmospheric water generator), located on a plot of land approximately two square meters, is a thermal and desiccant-based device that uses the processes of absorption and desorption to turn ambient air into drinking water.

Unlike technologies like reverse osmosis, which waste more water than they purify, the company guarantees that not a drop of water is wasted during the process.

ONergy Solar

Piyush and Vinay Jaju founded ONergy Solar, an end-to-end solar solutions provider with its headquarters located in Kolkata, in 2009. With regard to solar rooftops, solar irrigation pumps, solar lighting, and microgrids, ONergy Solar is committed to providing all-inclusive solar solutions, which include design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation.

Because ONergy Solar’s solutions lower energy costs and increase efficiency, they aid clients in making the switch to clean and renewable energy sources.

By 2022, the Indian government hopes to have achieved 175 GW of renewable energy capacity, comprising 60 GW of wind power and 100 GW of solar power.

The company has drawn interest from other Indian startups who want to take advantage of this chance and expand in the solar energy sector in order to accelerate the nation’s shift to cleaner energy sources.