INFI Early Access Results: 12 Hours, 1,000 Users

INFI Early Access Results: 12 Hours, 1,000 Users

As of 12 hours after the event being online, InfinityDefi(INFI) Early Access Round 1 completed successfully, with first 1,000 users joining the INFI Early Access and airdrop. Round 1 was originally scheduled for December 10th 0:00 UTC+0, to 20th 2020. Due to the popularity among global users, it ended just in 12 hours after the launch when the 1,000 member quota was taken.

The over-the-top popularity testifies that InfinityDefi(INFI) is the new star of DeFi collateralized lending and blockchain users from all over the world have been paying attention to it. InfinityDefi(INFI) is the most anticipated DeFi project of 2021 with a mastermind team bringing together top-level finance and cryptocurrency professionals from Asia and America. Venus Capital invested in it, as well as numerous retail users from the DeFi community.

At the end of December, InfinityDefi(INFI) takes the world over. The project’s governance token INFI is about to hit the mainstream exchanges and start the transformation of global finance.

InfinityDefi(INFI) is about inclusion. It strives to offer the basic financial services to everyone and move towards common prosperity relying on the benefits of blockchain technology.

INFI is inclusion!

INFI, the basic financial services for everyone!

INFI, the community autonomy that changes sovereign capital!

INFI, Decentralized Digital Banking!

INFI, the social financial experiment against centralized dictatorship!

INFI + finance, your freedom!

INFI Early Access Round 2 is coming soon. Please Stay tuned!

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