Infrared Fully Automatic Moisture Analyzer – Sartorius ma35

Infrared Fully Automatic Moisture Analyzer – Sartorius ma35

The MA35 is the basic model for reliable and quick analysis of the substance moisture of pasty, liquid, and solid matters by the use of the thermogravimetric method. Sartorius has experience of a decade in the fields of moisture analysis that guarantees reliable and quick measurement results and great user-friendliness. This device is ideal for day-to-day routines like repeating of QC monitoring of specimens both for incoming goods and in-process control inspection.


The Ruggedness of the Areas – The rugged and compact design, along with the measurement accuracy and high precision, makes the MA 35 a perfect device for consistent measuring tasks. The choice of rugged and long-lasting components, dirt and impervious to vibration, guarantees quick measurements even in a rough environment. This is just ideal for use in upcoming goods, productions, or laboratories.

Simple Use:

The Sartorius ma 35 is unique and extremely famous with the treatment of wastewater facilities as the complete automatic endpoint calculation makes the programming an extinguish point of reference unnecessary. This also saved a lot of your time as, on the one hand, there is no use for time-consuming optimizations, and on the other, the operations are very simplified as that the use of it can be made competent by anyone. This is made possible when one continues to monitor the drying cycle by MA35.

The monitor then finishes the measurement with complete automaticity using a switch-off basis that is determined by the drying curve once the sample weight is sustained and where, in spite of heating, there is no additional dropping of weight detected. The accuracy of measurement required for this task is provided by the weighting method with readability to 1 mg that has been peculiarly optimized to be used in a high range of temperatures.

Quick Measurement results:

 For the sample of heating, the MA35 characterizes a pair of powerful metal that is tubular in shape, heating element. This element generates the power of 360 watts. These elements allow uniform and quick heating of samples and therefore shorten the time taken for measurements, which means that quick an amount of time will be saved as compared to drying oven as, within minutes, the results can be read.


  • Accurate weight of 1mg
  • Weight Capacity is 35mg max
  • 0.01 Readability
  • Temperature Range of 40 – 160°C with 1° increment
  • Timer Setting (1 – 99 min) and Fully Automatic analytic modes
  • % dry weight (solids), % moisture, residue Display modes, % ratio
  • One program memory
  • Operation guidance with icon display
  • Metal heating elements do infrared heating
  • Data interface part, i.e., RS-232C
  • Sufficient memory to store data
  • Data printer: comprehensive and short reports in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian


  • Simple operation
  • Best of simple routine examines
  • Ideal as the alternative of drying oven – measures your results within 10 to 20 minutes
  • Rugged design
  • Great price-performance with Sartorius quality as made in Germany