Instagram Stories – best tips from Liran Mizrahi

Instagram Stories – best tips from Liran Mizrahi

The future of marketing on Instagram is all about telling a story with your photos.

As with all content, the quality bar continues to rise in social media, brands that want to break through, especially on Instagram, will need to prioritize the great over the merely good, even if it means reducing posting frequency on Instagram, it also helps a lot if your feed tells the same overall story through remarkable content and iterations. If your content ranges in many directions, it’s very difficult to gain devotees who share a common infatuation with a specific topic.

Make more stories but make sure they are worth watching

Instagram is flooded with mediocre posts from brands who forget that the social network is supposed to be a “platform for visual inspiration.” Captivate your audience through images, videos and stories, don’t simply advertise.

Instead, become a storyteller, offer “micro-stories” through captions, videos, Instagram stories and Instagram profiles and thus increase engagement rates.

Authenticity is winning

In 2018, Instagram has done a lot to clean up the platform from bots, fake likes, fake “influencers,” and make sure that malicious services that sold fake followers, ceased to exist.

In addition, Instagram continues to fight not only against automation apps, but also on users who take advantage of them. If you resort to artificial tools that automate your online presence, you may see some of your Instagram features removed as a form of “punishment” for using bad practices.

Edelman’s 2018 Trust Barometer found that 60% of respondents no longer trust social media companies.

  • Create authentic content, tell stories with your own captioning, and use Instagram stories features like emoji, sliders, gifs, or the question sticker.

Because of Instagram’s algorithm, creating beautiful and engaging content is not enough to increase your engagement rate.

You need to set up daily routines that will help you get more engagement. Like, comment and interact with your audience or potential followers, don’t just go social, be social.

It is essential to engage for at least 10-30 minutes before and after the post is published, schedule posts but also comment, share and create Instagram stories about it.

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