International Yoga Day 2022: What is the right method for doing Surya namaskar or Sun welcome and its advantages

International Yoga Day 2022: On the event of International Yoga Day 2022, it becomes significant for everybody to talk about and practice various types of yogasanas. One among those is Surya Namaskar or the sun greeting. Doing it multiple times in a day can assist you with consuming around 400 calories and can assist you with loosening up your brain and body. In the event you’re unversed, here’s the correct method for getting it done.

Worldwide Yoga Day is being commended across the globe on Tuesday, June 21 this year. While many are performing yoga alongside PM Narendra Modi, others are examining its significance in one’s life. Yoga ought to be begun as soon as could be expected however it additionally is never past the time to start your training. Creating it a piece of your routine can assist you with improving with age.

In the event you are wanting to begin rehearsing Surya Namaskar or feeling that you’ve been treating it terribly this time, this is the right way the way it ought to be finished!

Yoga poses included for Surya namaskar:
Stage 1: Prayer Pose (Pranamasana)
Stage 2: Raised arms Pose (Hastottanasana)
Stage 3: Standing Forward Bend (Hasta Padasana)
Stage 4: Equestrian Pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)
Stage 5: Staff Pose (Dandasana)
Stage 6: Salute with Eight parts(Ashtanga Namaskar)
Stage 7: Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
Stage 8: Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
Stage 9: Equestrian Pose (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)
Stage 10: Hand to Foot Pose (Hasta Padasana)
Stage 11: Raise arm Pose (Hasta Uttanasana)
Stage 12: Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

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