Interview with Dr. Yasha Tashakkor, MD, MASC, FRCPC, ABIM

Interview with Dr. Yasha Tashakkor, MD, MASC, FRCPC, ABIM

Dr. Tashakor is an expert in non-surgical, minimally invasive techniques for facial enhancement. He has a meticulous natural eye for beauty and aims for long lasting results with minimal down time. He specializes in facial contouring using a unique multi-modality combination of Dermal Fillers, Neurotoxins, and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). Pivotal to his success is a patient-centered practice; during a consultation, he engages his clients in designing a tailored treatment plan in order to achieve an exceptional cosmetic outcome.

Dr. Tashakor is an American and Canadian board-certified Aesthetic and Internal Medicine specialist. He is an award-winning author and has published more than 30 scientific articles in renowned medical journals including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery, and Annals of Plastic Surgery. He is a recipient of the Canadian Millennium Excellence Award. Alongside his cosmetic practice, Dr. Tashakor is an attending Internal Medicine and community Intensive Care consultant.

Dr. Tashakor obtained his Medical Degree from UBC. His passion for lifelong learning led him to pursue a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering while simultaneously completing his specialty residency. An advanced engineering training has provided Dr. Tashakor with an in-depth technical understanding of medical devices which empowers him to educate his clients on the safest and most effective combination of therapies needed to achieve their desired results.

As a sculptor, Dr. Tashakor has an avid interest in art and holds a private contemporary and modern collection.


  • Fellow of Royal College of Physicians of Canada
  • American Board of Internal Medicine
  • American Board of Obesity Medicine
  • American College of Physicians
  • Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Society

Why Non-surgical minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are on the rise?

Most of us have by now adapted to life under COVID-19 restrictions. As more people work from home than ever, most are used to having meetings via video colleagues and seeing our faces and our colleagues on the computer screen. Experts say this a main reason behind the “Zoom Boom” in the rate of cosmetic procedures performed.

It’s little surprise that after months of conducting conversations via video call, many of us have started to analyse – and criticize – our appearances more. Cosmetic doctors around the world have reported surges in bookings for surgical and non-surgical treatments following lockdown.

And the longer that video thumbnail stares back at us, the more we start to notice things. Were those crow’s feet there before lockdown? Did my nose suddenly get bigger? Is one eyebrow higher than the other?

Dr. Yasha Tashakkor, Medical director at Nexx MD in North Vancouver explains “the number of non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures for facial enhancements have nearly tripled since last year this time.”. Dr. Tashakkor explains there are several reasons behind this trend. People are more at home these days and have more time to research. Many are having meetings via zoom conferences and the webcam works as a magnifying mirror. People are looking at their own faces and their eyes longer than ever. It is because of these that the number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures including botox and injectables are increasing more than ever.

The “lip stick effect” is also in effect. The “lip stick effect” is a well observed phenomenon that occurs every few years when the world is having a difficult time. It is characterized in that when facing an economic crisis consumers will be more willing to buy less costly luxury goods. Instead of buying expensive fur coats, for example, people will buy expensive lipstick. Further, people with a pick-me-up, something to help them feel better during a difficult time.

Further, the presence masks has made it easy for any amount of downtime and bruising to be hidden. People also don’t need to take time off of work. People also have more time to research, she said, and virtual consultations have provided a new avenue for those curious about treatments, while at the same time allowing them to explore options outside their immediate areas.

Dr. Tashakkor says that Injectables, including Botox and fillers were the most-asked-for treatments in October 2020. He is also noticing a surge of patients wanting to treat themselves for Christmas in lieu of vacation trips as they normally would take.

About Nexx MD:

Nexx MD  Cosmetic Clinic is a state-of-the-art, physician-directed clinic located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. We are the regional leaders in aesthetic medicine, skin care, and laser treatments. We offer a wide range of minimally invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedures, individualized to enhance your appearance while preserving your natural beauty. At Nexx MD, we understand that personalized care involves understanding our clients motivations, goals, sensitivities, and budget, and we keep these elements in mind as we formulate each treatment plan.

Nexx MD was founded on the principles of clinical excellence, integrity, safety, and most importantly, unparalleled client satisfaction. We are speciality trained medical physicians, committed to providing our clients with personalized and research-supported treatments utilizing the latest technologies in the field of cosmetics and wellness. We share with our clients our belief that in some cases, less is more and sometimes no treatment may actually be the best option. At Nexx MD, we are frequently involved in continual medical education both as learners and teachers to provide the most current and effective treatments to our patients.

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