Interview with India’s Leading Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist – Ritika Gulati

Interview with India’s Leading Fitness & Lifestyle Specialist – Ritika Gulati

What made you choose this career path?
I once was obese, and during that phase of my life I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. I then decided to choose this subject to study and get in-depth knowledge to help people achieve their fitness & lifestyle goals.

What was your diet like growing up?
As I mentioned earlier I was obese and never learnt the importance of healthy eating until I started feeling embarrassed. I used to eat everything that came my way without even thinking of how bad it could be.

So what made you follow a healthy lifestyle as now you help people all across the globe?
Yeah !!! I remember we went for a vacation where everyone was super comfortable to climb up the stairs, and it took like double the time for me to reach my room I mean hotel room and I stayed inside throughout didn’t been out while all others were having fun roaming around. That was the turning point, and I realised that I missed so much fun and as soon I came back from vacation. I then started following a healthy lifestyle and left all the junk.

If you could persuade people to change ? what would that be?
Unfortunately, in India, people follow random advice, which could be dangerous. In a rush to lose weight quickly, most people take medicine or some other edibles which harm them in the long run. So I would like to say don’t rush to lose and please follow the experts and don’t take medicines for weight loss without knowing the side effect. Instead, follow a healthy lifestyle as that can make you lose kilos and will help you keep it off for life. Big No to those low-calorie Yo- Yo  fad diets

What are some of the most common nutritional mistakes you observe in your clients before they start following you?
Like missing meals and avoiding food like thinking it’s going to make them fat. Quitting on healthy natural food. People come up with myths like a banana is going to make them fat where else they are feasting on candies whenever they crave for sugar. They have biscuits or sweets, so it’s a big mistake one does. So I believe and recommend my clients to eat natural food and cut on preservatives and junk food.

What according to you, is the most important meal of the day?
Like all meals are important but yes Breakfast is most important so one should never miss the first meal of the day should eat within 1-2 hour of wakeup time.

What can someone expect to happen during your consultations?
You learn to lead a healthy lifestyle, develops the understanding of healthy and unhealthy food, and most importantly, you learn to workout without stressing and over pushing yourself. Not just this; you master the art of picking the right food options.

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