Introducing News Shots – a startup redefining news reading

Introducing News Shots – a startup redefining news reading

News reporting is a structure that has gone through waves of revolutionary upgrades in each era from radio, to television, and newspapers to smartphones. The boon of the internet has reached your newsfeed too as you stay up to date knowing the current news of the hour.

Those who were once newspaper readers became news channel viewers and then jumped to the digital platforms. So yearly newspaper subscription is fading away. Your most watched news channel is changing its principles too as it falls prey to the rising market of digital news platforms.

Facebook and Twitter have become the modern-day cornerstones of news dissemination, but can they reliably provide unpolished, un-fabricated facts on your feeds? The increasing threat of fake news hampers the free age of obtaining information as the cost of truth becomes pricey. Facebook newsfeed has been reinvented rapidly turning into an echo chamber of people bolstering their opinions and their political stands regarding the news. Such biased opinions create a divide of one’s views and opinions.

Google provides you a constant updating thread of news too, but it is based on your most visited topic of news. You might never get a whiff of news around the world that is far more intriguing!

News media have their mobile applications providing you an in-depth outlook of their work, but wouldn’t it be simpler to receive a single application packed with all goodness in one?

That is where News Shots comes into the picture. The new destination to be informed about the news, but just better!

With a splendid minimalistic UI to narrate simple to complex stories under 60 words, sit back and swipe on. They won’t bombard you with many stories all at once, but just the best ones picked by our human editors.

Their news summaries do not narrate any bias or opinionated views but just facts. Ranging from various topics like politics, environment, sports, international and more!

Apart from the larger news shares, we also have fun segments of quirky facts, what you should binge-watch, significant calendar dates that unveil the history, and many such knowledge bites.