Investment Firm Acquires H.C. Starck for New Venture

Investment Firm Acquires H.C. Starck for New Venture

Peter Anania, director at AAI and Elmet President, said there are plans to extend at the two H.C. Starck plants in Coldwater, Euclid, Ohio, and Elmet’s plant in Maine.

The securing made the biggest U.S.- possessed maker of tungsten and molybdenum materials and items, with almost 400 workers across three offices.

H.C. Starck utilizes 130 in Coldwater.

“Unifying our companies provides customers in defense, aerospace, medical, industrial furnaces, semiconductor, and other industries access to a single supplier with a more comprehensive portfolio of products and capabilities,” Anania said.

Anania accomplice Scott Glade said of the development, “These future investments will build on the success of recent investments of spray dried and plasma densified additive manufacturing powders and 3D processing in Coldwater.”

There is new tungsten plate moving innovation in Euclid, Ohio.

Lewiston has a best in class tungsten circle and 3D shape discontinuity creation activity.

“This combination will help ensure Made-in-the-USA continues in the tungsten and molybdenum sector for the next 100 years and beyond,” Knoll said.

All the joined organization will proceed to make and supply its current product offerings, like foil, sheet, plate, bar, blocks, bars, powder, 3D shapes, circles, and that’s just the beginning.

“We also anticipate the development of new advanced materials, components, and solutions,” Knoll said.

The solidified portfolio presently incorporates items from the biggest expulsion press for obstinate metals to fine wire more slender than human hair.