Isle Of Man DJ & Producer Warren Spencer Launches New Debut Record “Something I Did”

Isle Of Man DJ & Producer Warren Spencer Launches New Debut Record “Something I Did”

Isle Of Man’s most popular DJ and Producer is again ready to take over his audience by storm with his newly launched debut record, “Something I Did.” The record, released on April 13th, 2022, is now available on all streaming platforms. Listeners worldwide have expressed the sheer satisfaction the song delivers every time they listen to it. 

Today, Warren Spencer is recognized as more than just any DJ. Still, he has carved a niche in the music and entertainment industry with his record-breaking potential as a Music Producer. Through his passion and creativity, he aims to prove that producers can create and venture down multiple genres with a one-size fits all attitude. 

Warren Spencer takes inspiration from the global industry superstars and legends Nicky Romero, Avicii, and Hardwell. His bent of mind towards electronic dance music stems from listening to them back to back. From the beginning, he has stuck by their music to draw originality and expression. Now, after an 11-year DJ career in the United Kingdom and the Isle Of Man, he is all set to take the world by storm with his new debut record, “Something I Did.”

Warren’s recent single, “Don’t Lead Me On,” has also created much buzz lately. The single’s catchy melodic patterns and soothing home-recorded electric guitar sound give it the whole summer vibe, making it a prospect for the charts. The promising musician with decades of experience in the industry believes this is just the start for him. 

Warren Spencer’s sincere dedication and love for his work has helped him become one of the most recognized DJ and Producer of his generation. During the initial days of his career, his aspirations to collaborate with some of the best artists and musicians were unsuccessful. He always found the motivation to walk ahead and not give up despite the struggles and inspiration. 

Warren shares, “No one would work with me on this track; every singer or songwriter I sent it to either ignored me or wasn’t interested in working together. So, I just had to get on with it! It’s hard being a music producer sometimes because when you have sat alone in a room, there’s no one there to tell you what you are creating is good or bad.”

Warren has been a professional DJ and Producer on the Isle Of Man for the past 11 years. He previously worked in the United Kingdom. He is a passionate DJ and producer focusing mainly on the electronic dance genre. His recently released singles, “Something I Did” and “Don’t Lead Me On,” reflect his excellent craftsmanship.