Israeli Startup Aim Security Raises $18 Million To Enhance Generative AI Security

Israeli Startup Aim Security Raises $18 Million To Enhance Generative AI Security

Aim Security, an Israeli enterprise generative artificial intelligence security startup, revealed today that it has raised $18 million in new funding to improve its AI security platform, with the goal of providing full protection for organizations that use generative AI.

The firm was created in 2022 by Chief Executive Matan Getz (shown, right) and Chief Technology Officer Adir Gruss (left), both of whom are cybersecurity veterans who previously served in the Israel Defense Force’s elite intelligence unit 8200. It wants to be an enterprise-trusted partner in securing generative AI adoption. The company’s services enable leaders to increase business productivity while providing safeguards and protection for all use cases.

The emergence of generative AI tools over the last two years requires little introduction; however, with chatbots, virtual assistants, and AI productivity tools such as GitHub Copilot rapidly emerging, Aim contends that security leaders are trapped in a never-ending cycle of “playing catchup” in addressing the unique data, privacy, and security challenges AI technology presents. In many cases, this results in either completely prohibiting AI use, compromising business and efficiency goals, or putting the firm at danger by implementing such tools without proper security protection.

Aim’s security platform oversees and secures all aspects of AI use in the business environment. The platform is specifically designed to address the unique threats that AI might pose, such as sensitive data exposure, supply chain vulnerabilities, damaging or manipulated outputs, and the emergence of attack methods like jailbreaks and rapid injection.

“Enterprise customers from a wide range of industries repeatedly asked us, ‘How can we embrace the undeniable advantages of cutting-edge AI technologies, such as heightened efficiency and optimized decision-making, without crossing our acceptable risk threshold?’” Getz said. “At Aim, our mission is clear: to serve as the trusted AI security ally for enterprise security leaders and allow organizations to confidently unleash the potential of these technologies within their environment, knowing that Aim is their protection layer.”

The ultimate goal of Aim’s platform is to enable businesses to capitalize on potential for greater development and efficiency through AI while maintaining security assurance. The platform takes a comprehensive approach to AI utilization in today’s business context. This enables chief information security officers to serve as “business enablers” by encouraging employees to use chatbots, protecting enterprise copilot deployments, and assisting developers in securely building custom generative AI applications.

Cannan Partners led the Series A financing, and YL Ventures Ltd. also participated. Other investors in Aim include Wiz Inc.’s founders as well as industry professionals from Palo Alto Networks Inc., Proofpoint Inc., and Google LLC.