It would seem that Battlefield 6 will be declared next month

It would seem that Battlefield 6 will be declared next month

It would appear that we will see the new Battlefield soon, if a clue tweeted recently by the game’s true Twitter account is anything but a strange phony out. The circumstance proposes it may match with June’s virtual E3 on June 12th-15th, yet EA’s own event, EA Play Live, isn’t going on until July.

While the circumstance for EA Play Live was affirmed as July 22nd via tweet from the official EA account.

The latest news about the next Battlefield game came through a concise notice in a blog post a month ago. It said that the team were in “daily playtesting mode” on the game, while promising to take the series “to the next level”. It was empty production buzzwordery, yet at least there wasn’t notice of evolution.

The two latest Battlefield games – 1 and V, thanks individuals who name things – were set in World War 1 and World War 2 respectively. That has made individuals accept that the following game in the series will get back to the modern day, on the grounds that as we as a whole know, that is the way time works. (After “modern day” comes Vietnam).

Battlefield 3 was the last time I was truly into the series, and Bad Company 2 was the last Battlefield game I truly loved, yet I actually have more love for it than the Call Of Duty series. Regardless of whether the upgraded one is generally engaged around an anticipated fight royale mode.