James Trend Hosting Anticipated Art Exhibit In Delray Beach

James Trend Hosting Anticipated Art Exhibit In Delray Beach

Come out to check out talented artist James Trend this September in Delray Beach for his first art exhibition, where he will debut his new fine art series, “the Floral Collection”. Here he will also be releasing his new NFT collection. This is an event you won’t want to miss out on.

Meet James Trend, serial entrepreneur, and professional Fine Arts artist. James has been creating and perfecting his craft all his life by doing various works within the fine art space, such as commissions, murals, commercial art, and digital art. James Trend Designs LLC is a successful company of 5 making headway in the Fine Art industry. Some of his most remarkable attributes from James is his ability to create art in the most uncommon places. James puts his talents to the test by creating underwater, on mountains, while snowboarding, and on the beach. Something to check out if you are in the Delray Beach area. This talent doesn’t come around so very often.

James has always been creative and loved painting and drawing in his formative years. However, not until recently did he ever see painting as a career. James overcame much doubt from teachers and people close to him that being an artist was not a feasible career choice. It took 18 years of blood, sweat, and trusting his gut to follow his dreams and get to where he is today. James says that surrounding himself with the right people that genuinely believe in him is a significant part of his success.

There is a lot to be excited about with James and his company. James plans to have his art galleries in Delray Beach and Vail, Colorado, and studios in the next couple of years. In addition, he plans to have his art business worth multiple seven figures and his real estate portfolio with over 25 rentals. Finally, James mentions what it took to get him here. He states, “I believe it takes a high level of perseverance, determination, self-awareness, strong work ethic, kindness, selflessness, and most importantly, an unwavering belief that you truly deserve the success you crave.” He also advises young entrepreneurs that, If you have an idea that you truly think is a good idea, never give up on it. The only person that will stop you from achieving everything you want is you.” Don’t forget to check out his art exhibition if you are in the Delray Beach area in September. In the meantime, you can follow James on Instagram to keep up with everything he has going on. Feel free to check out his website too.

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