Jason Stavrianidis is the Future for Venus Jewelers

Jason Stavrianidis is the Future for Venus Jewelers

Jason Stavrianidis was born and raised in Somerset, New Jersey and lives there to this day. The location is home to the renowned jewelry company Venus Jewelers, which Jason’s family has owned and ran for generations. 5 generations now to be exact. Ever since Jason was 10 years old, he’s been involved helping out the store. But it was only a couple years ago that he felt the urge to fully commit to and be more involved with the company.

Jason now is involved in all facets of the family run business. His work includes serving clients with products and services, networking, digital marketing, and even jewelry bench work, and polishing. Every day Jason comes to work motivated, striving to push the company to even greater heights. Jason said, “I feel a great sense of pride to be able to continue my family’s legacy. More than that, it is also a huge responsibility for me since Venus Jewelers is not just my job; it’s my way of life. I want to uphold the reputation my family has set through the years while allowing innovation and growth as my brand of leadership.”

Venus Jewelers specializes in upscale jewelry, engagement rings, diamond selection, and custom designs. The company has over 500 five-star reviews on Google alone and is known for having the largest bridal selections in the entire state of New Jersey. Both of which simply speak volumes to Jason’s work and how Venus Jewelers operates. 

Venus Jewelers just celebrated its 40th year in operation and it’s Jason Stavrianidis’ mission to continue the family business and have it thrive for another 40 years. 

Check Venus Jewelers here: www.venusjewelers.com

Follow Jason here: https://www.instagram.com/jasonthegemologist/