Justice HQ Is A Pioneer In The Legal Tech Industry

Justice HQ Is A Pioneer In The Legal Tech Industry

Justice HQ Helps Attorneys To Find The Perfect Balance Between Work And Life

Technology is a catalyst in the development of the world. In recent years, technology has affected the law industry significantly. With the ascent of the internet, normal Americans have a lot bigger admittance to legal information than they had in the past. The practice of law for lawyers is changing too. Lawyers once did the entirety of their legal research utilizing books. In any case, presently the greater part of that research is finished with legal research databases. Justice HQ is one name in the law industry that has been integrating technology into legal practices and co-founder Robert Simon is now opening up about the same.

Robert Simon was just a fresh law school graduate when he founded The Simon Group in 2009. At that time, practicing law and starting your firm was fairly difficult and needed more effort than expected. It took him and his twin brother, Brad Simon, three years to collect money to start their law firm. But in 10 years, they developed their firm and started to look like an authority in the field. Naturally, they became popular and resumes and cases started to flow in their firm. But they lacked the means to properly manage the incoming workload and that is when Robert, Brad, and their head of marketing, Teresa Diep, decided to set up Justice HQ, a technology-driven law firm. The goal was to make Justice HQ a place where lawyers could find it easy to work and network together while also accessing resources for scaling their businesses.

The process of joining Justice HQ is an elite one. Even the founding members and the board of directors had to go through it to become a part of the firm. Upon application, the resumes of individuals are carefully screened to select the best ones in the legal field. The selection process is something that Robert Simon is very proud of and he doesn’t wish to remove it anytime sooner. Once the right people are selected, they find access to Justice HQ’s online platform with a remote mailroom, member-driven document bank, secure messaging platform, and member directory, as well as few educational videos. The new members can also take benefit of flexible workspaces and conference rooms in Downtown Los Angeles, Torrance, and Orange County, and within few months in San Diego and San Francisco.  

Because of their integration with technology, Robert Simon is confident that Justice HQ will become the future of the legal industry. He is also sure that the legal tech industry is going to expand into a multi-billion dollar one in the coming years. Through Justice HQ, attorneys not only find a way to survive in the tough and competitive market but are also able to live a more balanced and higher quality work and personal life.