Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes practices in the restricted limit, stay in NFL’s blackout protocol

Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes practices in the restricted limit, stay in NFL’s blackout protocol

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made a stride the correct way.

On Wednesday, Mahomes practiced in a restricted limit, notwithstanding being in the NFL’s blackout protocol, which implies there’s an incredible possibility that the reigning Super Bowl MVP will get ready against the Buffalo Bills in the AFC Championship Game on Sunday.

Head coach Andy Reid was satisfied with Mahomes’ advancement.

“He looked good,” Reid said. “He’s in the protocol so there’s only certain things he can do, but he took all the snaps and he feels good. So, I mean, we’re just going to follow this protocol as close as we possibly can.”

Mahomes, who was harmed in the second from last quarter of last Sunday’s 22-17 win over the Cleveland Browns in the AFC Divisional Round of the playoffs, suffered the injury when he was handled around the head and neck zone while conveying the football on a QB option play. After the game, reports said that he changed a nerve that runs up his neck.

With the goal for Mahomes to play, he needs to finish five stages in the league’s re-visitation of play protocol. Those means incorporate resting until signs and symptoms re-visitation of baseline clearance to start cardio; extending and balance training with medical oversight; an expansion in activities that incorporates monitored strength training; the resumption of non-contact football activities; and afterward the player is cleared by team doctors and finishes an independent neurological exam, so, all in all he is cleared to practice and play.

It’s questionable regarding what step Mahomes was in on Wednesday, yet dependent on what Reid stated, the All-Pro quarterback might be on the fourth step simultaneously. On the off chance that Mahomes keeps on moving the correct way, there’s a decent possibility that he will take an interest practically speaking on Thursday or Friday.

“He’s done well up to this point and they just progress you through the day,” Reid said, “so today was limited work and no contact, I think was the schedule for today. And that’s kind of what we’re doing on Wednesday, so it fit perfectly with that.”