Kanye West qualifies to show up on Colorado presidential ballot

Kanye West qualifies to show up on Colorado presidential ballot

Kanye West has documented paperwork and qualified to be on the presidential ballot in Colorado for the upcoming election.

West met the 3 p.m. deadline Wednesday to record in the state and paid the $1,000 expense, Betsy Hart, a representative for the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office, affirmed to Fox News. He introduced paperwork for nine potential electors who might represent him and all were seen as registered Colorado voters. He listed Michelle Tidball, from Cody, Wyo., who runs an online Bible investigation.

West documented desk work Wednesday to show up on the Ohio ballot. The rapper has now documented paperwork to show up on the voting form in eight states, however his campaign has confronted various obstacles in a few.

He was dropped from the New Jersey ballot this week for invalid signatures, and he previously missed the cutoff time to show up on the ballot in South Carolina. Illinois authorities are challenging his signatures and paperwork too.

Election lawyer Scott Salmon had documented the challenge to West’s filing last week,, disclosing to Fox News the entirety of Wests’ signatures in New Jersey were phony.

“Literally every single signature on there came from the same person,” Salmon told Fox News. “Signatures that were clearly identical signatures where the signed name didn’t match the printed name, where there was a first name but no last name, where it included a street address but, no town.”

The musician’s on-again, off-again presidential campaign has been irritated with debate since the beginning the same number of individuals question his mental state following various fiery and humiliating tweets and appearances lately.

Most as of late, West called out abortion in the Black community and blasted his critics for getting so “concerned” about him crying over possibly prematurely ending his first-born kid.

A survey led a month ago discovered West accepting two percent support.