Kass Hart: “When I write songs, I express what I have on my mind and in my heart!”

Kass Hart: “When I write songs, I express what I have on my mind and in my heart!”

She has everything it takes to shine on stage – talent, vocal control, striking appearance, good taste, and a special charm. Kass Hart (Kassie Brakharu) is a singer of Armenian-Jewish origin who lives in and develops her music career in the United States. She writes all of her songs herself – both lyrics and music. Her path to professional singing was not easy, but she continues step by step towards her dream through all of life’s difficulties and twists, knowing for certain that only music can make her truly happy.

Childhood and Youth Music surrounded Kass since childhood, as both of her parents were jazz musicians. It’s undeniable that this couldn’t but affect her involvement in music. However, Kassie’s mother, being a singer herself, for some reason did not support her daughter’s desire to sing.

Although, jumping ahead, it can be said that today she has radically changed her opinion. In addition to attending regular school, Kass also studied piano at a music school. But despite her achievements, she didn’t want to become a professional pianist – she was more attracted to pop singing.

Her first vocal success came at the end of her school years. At that time, the young talent went to an international French song contest, where she won the Grand Prix among more than 100 participants. Such a prestigious victory, of course, could not but charge her for future accomplishments. But at that time, Kass still didn’t understand anything about songwriting or how to build an artist’s career in general.

Another, no less significant victory followed the first one in terms of recognition of potential. In 2010, the aspiring singer was awarded the title of “Young Artist of UNESCO”. What a promising start for building a singing career! But fate had other plans – after the first take-off, a long lull followed…

Employment – Finding oneself

The next period of the girl’s life was ambiguous. Her studies at a professional acting school and her bachelor’s degree in social-cultural management influenced her job choices. She explored various fields of activity – from producing and acting to completely non-creative work, as she needed to work and earn a living. However, for some reason, she did not think about investing money in her creativity at that time. After several attempts to find a job that suited her, Kass started singing in several entertainment venues. Singing in karaoke clubs and restaurants seriously captured the girl’s attention, although it did not have a significant impact on her development as a singer, it was already something close to music. Moreover, all this time she tried to write her own songs, which was already a step towards what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

There are no random coincidences

An unexpected event that completely changed the girl’s life helped her to pause the endless work in entertainment venues. Her encounter with a music manager from Britain in 2018 seemed to breathe fresh creative energy and an irresistible desire to sing for a huge audience into her. She stopped being afraid and finally took the difficult but important step towards her dream, just starting to write songs and live through music.

Everything that happened to Kass next was, in her own words, beyond fantasy. The first song “All hail the 7th” was born extremely quickly and was released with a feature artist named EVERTHE8. Similarly quickly, the first contract was signed with OGC records. Working with British professionals in their field charged the girl for success. She wrote songs not only for herself but also for other artists, helping them to unlock their potential. These were pop, soul, electronic dance music songs with completely diverse themes. And although the songs were not released as regularly as desired, the artist still managed to make a name for herself.

First professional successes and a new stage beginning

Placing musical content on the streaming service Spotify yielded good results for the up-and-coming singer. The number of plays and highly positive feedback gave her faith that she was moving in the right direction. Her real success came with the song “Love to hate you”, which unfortunately was removed from platforms at the label’s initiative, but she is now preparing for a re-release.

During her time working with the British label, the singer made a big leap in her musical direction. However, over time Kass Hart began to understand that a different strategy was needed for her development. She even wanted to change her stage name and start a new stage in her music career. And she was ready for a new experience. All of this evolved into a constant, productive work – work on music, on herself, on creative thinking, on visuals, and on many other aspects of the profession.

A new stage

In 2022, Kass Hart moved to the United States and stopped working with the British label OGC Records. Los Angeles, where the artist settled, shifted the focus of her music more towards dance-electronic genre. Currently, the singer is actively negotiating with various companies in the United States and working with well-known songwriters who write for stars. This is truly a new stage in her life, as there will be new music, visuals that she feels most comfortable with, and is ready to showcase herself through her music to the world.