Kendrick Perkins recommends Philadelphia 76ers trade Ben Simmons to Minnesota Timberwolves

The Philadelphia 76ers are hoping to continue onward subsequent to missing the mark again in the 2021 playoffs. They fell at home in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals to the Atlanta Hawks where Ben Simmons came up little, once more.

Simmons just made four shots in a deciding game at home and he didn’t make any shots in the final quarter including leaving behind a wide-open dunk. It was the kind of performance that left a many individuals thinking that possibly the Sixers should now continue onward from Simmons and spotlight exclusively on working around Joel Embiid.

That implies a great deal of trade recommendations will be coming throughout the next few months and one has effectively rolled in from ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins who proposes that the Sixers send Simmons to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

This is one of those trades that could turn out great for the two teams. Simmons can fit close to Towns and he can be something of a point-forward for Minnesota. Both Russell and Beasley are strong 3-point shooters and they would be better fits close to a guy like Embiid who can have significantly more space with Simmons now good and gone.