Kia Will Unveil A Cheap EV4 Electric Sedan Next Year, With An Impressive Manufacturing Target

Kia Will Unveil A Cheap EV4 Electric Sedan Next Year, With An Impressive Manufacturing Target

Kia has set an ambitious aim with the delivery of another low-cost (sub $35K) electric vehicle next year. Kia plans to begin EV4 manufacturing in early 2025, with a goal of producing 70,000 units per year to meet demand for low-cost electric vehicles.

A New Inexpensive EV Will Arrive Next Year

Last October, Kia unveiled the EV4 as part of its new mass-market electric vehicle lineup. Kia says the EV4 “redefines the electric sedan.”

The EV4 will join the EV3, which debuted in Korea earlier this month. Kia has started EV3 orders in its native market, with prices starting at $30,700 (KRW 42.08 million). With incentives, Kia anticipates EV3 costs to go as low as $29,200.

Kia plans to sell 18,000 EV3 cars by the end of 2024. Next year, the EV3 will be available in Europe and the United States.

The EV3 is intended to be one of the most cheap EVs, costing between $30K and $35K. With Kia apparently preparing to construct the EV3 in Mexico, federal incentives such as the EV tax credit may drive prices further down.

Kia Will Launch A New EV4 in 2025

Kia previously stated that it intends to “sequentially” introduce its new cheap EV lineup. Following the EV3’s launch this year, Kia’s EV4 will arrive in 2025.

According to local news outlet ETNews, Kia will begin producing EV4s in March 2025. Kia created its first prototype last month and is currently evaluating the production model in several regions.

Kia plans to complete EV4 development by February, with production beginning at its Gwangmyeong Plant 2 in March.

Kia anticipates that the EV4 will fill a market need because to its innovative design and inexpensive beginning price. It plans to produce 70,000 EV4 models each year.

Kia targets annual output of 170,000 vehicles, including 100,000 EV3. According to the report, Kia may construct the EV4 in overseas markets.

The EV4 was sighted in the wild last week, just before its official appearance. As the EV4 passes past, you can see its distinctive back end.

Kia’s EV4 exemplifies its “determination to push boundaries and accelerate the EV revolution.” It will incorporate Kia’s most recent software and connectivity technology.

The EV4 is projected to start around the same price ($30,000) as the EV3, if not slightly higher. Kia will initially debut the EV4 in Korea, followed by Europe, the United States, and other global markets.

Kia’s EV4 will compete with the Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai IONIQ 6 in the electric sedan market.

Kia plans to sell 307,000 EVs this year. Kia intends to sell 1.6 million electrified vehicles by 2027 as it expands its inventory to include 15 models.