Kian Barazandeh Biography: Wiki, Age, Origin, Net Worth & Pictures

Kian Barazandeh Biography: Wiki, Age, Origin, Net Worth & Pictures

Kian Barazandeh (Born February 26 1998) is an Iranian Actor and Fashion Model who first started his career in Tehran, gaining fame as a 16 years old boy , he became an star in so many fields. Kian moved to Dubai, and continued his career outside of his comfort-zone. He also received the titles such as GQ Men of the Year Awards for most sexiest model in 2022 and UAE’s most handsome men alive 2021.

Over 7 years of work and dedication, Kian has performed in more than 10 movies and collaboration for numerous campaigns, billboards, magazine covers, fashion week runways and international publications like Fashion Mag NYC, Star World Mag, Twisted Male Mag, Swanky Mag, DiziFilm and Trending Male Model Mag and have been worked with major labels such as Zara , Dior , Calvin Klein and Nishman. he is also recently singed a contract with one of the best & top-tier agencies in the world “Independet Mgmt” Based in Milan, Italy. Independent Model Management has immediately reached the top level, becoming already one of the most recognized and professional modeling agencies in Europe.

Have you ever wondered how rich Kian Barazandeh is?

as of late 2022 According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Barazandeh’s wealth is over $5 million, an amount earned through his successful career, active since 2016. 

“Kian Barazandeh Net Worth $5 Million”

Enjoying high-life ever since childhood, Kian discovered his sense for style and fashion in his teens, and later just nurtured his talents. As he got older, his dreams of becoming a successful fashion model only intensified, and he fulfilled his dreams in the very young age– with the expansion of social media, he was able to showcase his ideas online. Not only Modeling & Acting, but also short films and movies that increased his net worth to a large degree. With the rise in his popularity, Kian started other Fashion Magazine NYC, such as a digital lifestyle magazine, and short film creations that showcase his daily activities. 

So far he has collaborated with a number of luxury brands such as Bentley, Vertu, Chopard, 209 Mare, Rachini, Dolce & Gabbana, and many others, which have consistently contributed to his net worth. He is also popular on Instagram, on which he has more than 100,000 followers, which has also added to his net worth. 

However, before starting his career in fashion, Kian was working in technology, but after creating his own platform for editing audio and visual material, his blog was created, and is now the focus of his career. 

Regarding his personal life, unfortunately for the public, Kian tends to keep a low profile regarding his private affairs, therefore, there is no information in the media regarding any romantic relationships.