Knxwn Sound Inks Ghost 674 To Their Emerging Empire

Knxwn Sound Inks Ghost 674 To Their Emerging Empire

Knxwn Sound has reached an agreement with Ghost 674. Knxwn Sound and Ghost signed a contract pledging to work together to advance Ghost’s career after the release of his now-viral hit single “T’d RN.” Ghost 674 has big plans for the upcoming year, following the success of his viral single “T’d RN” and signing an important deal with Knxwn Sound. He plans to release several singles following the success of “T’d RN.”.

Signing to Knxwn Sound is his biggest achievement to date. Being the youngest of five siblings in the house caused Ghost 674 to grow up in a difficult environment. Being left alone, he would have to take care of himself and his siblings. Eventually, Ghost worked ordinary 9-5 jobs to support his artistic ambitions and boost his income. Due to his love of music, he sacrificed his college education for a full-time job as an artist.

At the age of twelve, Ghost’s love for music took off. The Disney Channel big hit movie “Let It Shine” had just come out. Ghost kept pausing to gaze at his mother and expressing his desire to rap while watching a movie with his family one night. Soon after, his mother handed him his first set of tools, enabling him to start chasing his goals.

The most notable artistic achievement of Ghost is going viral, which is the dream of many artists. “T’d RN” has received over 40,000 streams in one day and is currently trending on TikTok and Instagram. In the last 30 days, the song has received over 1.2 million Spotify streams, which contributed to Knxwn Sound’s decision to sign the emerging star. Stream Ghost 674’s on Spotify and follow him on Instagram here.

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