Kushala Reddy’s Journey of Building a Social Media Agency that Helps Businesses build Premium Brands

Kushala Reddy’s Journey of Building a Social Media Agency that Helps Businesses build Premium Brands

Design Journal is a Bangalore-based design + social media agency that helps all kinds of businesses tie up the loose ends in their branding and marketing so they can be positioned as premium brands. 

The boutique agency only works with a select businesses that are ready to expand their reach online by leveraging a showstopping brand and custom social media strategy. 

The founder, Kushala Reddy, is particularly keen about getting to the depths of understanding what makes a business unique, inside and out.

This helps Kushala and her team at Design Journal develop social media visibility strategies that align with a business’s unique goals and results in emerging businesses being transformed into industry leaders.

Today we talk about the lessons Kushala has learned about building a profitable, premium boutique agency that delivers a high-touch client experience. 

  1. Focus on quality not quantity

The number one thing Kushala and team Design Journal focused on while scaling the agency was delivering consistent, high-quality service to their clients. 

As a result, they were able to build long-term relationships with their clients who became repeat customers and referred more qualified clients to them. 

This was supported by a custom social media marketing strategy that kept Design Journal visible and present on their chosen marketing platforms, connecting with new prospects intentionally. 

  • Working on her business, not in it

As the lead designer and strategist, initially Kushala Reddy had trouble detaching herself from the day-to-day tasks. 

But she reminded herself that as the CEO of her business, her job was to keep an eye on the big-picture and refocus her energy on high-level tasks like connecting with people, hiring the right talent, guiding her team members, and devising custom strategy for her clients. 

  • Being open to experimenting

Kushala believes there are no “shoulds” in business. She was willing to test out new strategies for her agency as well as her client’s businesses in a way that minimized risks and maximized conversions. 

Her approach is practical and the bold moves she makes in branding and marketing are backed by data. 

  • Showing up everyday with purpose

Kushala’s vision is to position Design Journal as the go-to social media agency for businesses who want to make a difference. 

And that means showing up even when her plate is full or she doesn’t feel like it. 

Kushala believes that when you’re scaling a business, you’re building something bigger than yourself. And that calls for getting the right support and developing a unique-to-you strategy that complements your goals. 

What’s the difference between a business that’s always chasing customers vs. one that has qualified leads and prospects knocking on their virtual door?

A magnetic brand identity that can be amplified with a bespoke social media strategy. 

If you’re ready to position yourself as an industry expert and impact more lives with your revolutionary products and services, reach out to Design Journal at www.thedesignjournal.co.