Latitude28 Continues to Perform Live Thanks to Innovative Concerts

Latitude28 Continues to Perform Live Thanks to Innovative Concerts

In today’s world, live shows are starting to seem like a distant memory. Given the current pandemic, it’s hard to imagine when such entertainment options will be realities again. Fortunately, some people continue to innovate the entertainment space to continue bringing live performances to the masses, namely Latitude28.

Latitude28 is a band from Florida that covers popular songs in diverse styles, including pop, rock, and hip hop to country, alternative, and dance. The diverse group was founded in 2018 and consists of four core musicians and three to four vocalists.

Amid the pandemic, the band designed a unique tour, developed to help people in underserved markets experience live shows while maintaining all the mandatory social distancing rules. So far, The Drive-In and Fireworks Extravaganza Tour has hit states across central and southeast America.

While the show has a variety of interesting features, one key component has been the venue itself. Instead of your usual indoor building, each show takes place in a drive-in parking lot. The band originally got the idea after watching church sermons that were held in outdoor spaces after the pandemic started. Viewers have the chance to enjoy a live evening concert with cutting-edge production that includes fireworks, pyrotechnics, synced led panels, and so much more.

So far, the concerts have been an enormous success, and it’s no surprise. Between the musical talent and the live entertainment experiences, the show is making summer feel like itself again. Latitude28’s success has left their touring calendar booked all the way until 2022, and it has even landed them a TV reality show on Amazon Prime Video. Check out their touring schedule via their website to see when they are coming to a tour near you. 

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