Launching an AI Hub with Microsoft is Tank Stream Labs

Launching an AI Hub with Microsoft is Tank Stream Labs

The AI Hub will serve as a specialized community for founders, developers, and startup/scale-up organizations operating in the artificial intelligence space, according to Tank Stream Labs CEO Bradley Delamare.

“We are excited to introduce the Tank Stream Labs AI Hub powered by Microsoft, marking a significant step forward in our mission to drive innovation and collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence,” he said.

“As a longstanding tech-focused institution, Tank Stream Labs has always been at the forefront of facilitating groundbreaking advancements. This AI Hub is a logical step forward in our journey, bringing together the collective knowledge and expertise of Tank Stream Labs supported by arguably the leader in AI technology, Microsoft.”

A variety of facilities and resources catered to the needs of AI startups and scale-ups will be made available via The AI Hub. Members will have access to the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program, weekly office hours with a Microsoft technical specialist, and regular educational events featuring Microsoft leaders in fields like Generative AI, Data, and Open AI, among other things. Members will also receive dedicated support and resources from Microsoft to help them successfully navigate and thrive in the AI ecosystem.

Delamare added that in addition to having access to Microsoft’s knowledge, members will also have access to seasoned mentors and advisors in the AI community, as well as special invitations to events, workshops, and seminars centered around AI. Moreover, members will have the chance to present their AI initiatives, innovations, and accomplishments to a broader audience both inside and outside the community.

“The launch of the AI Hub and the collaboration with Microsoft underscores our commitment to building communities and providing businesses with the best platforms for success,” he said

“With the increasing demand for AI solutions across industries, there is a clear identifiable opportunity for initiatives like the AI Hub, which provides a collaborative platform for AI businesses and experts to innovate and drive meaningful progress. Tank Stream Labs already has 16 dedicated AI companies as part of the community”