Launching Narwhal Accelerator to assist game development startups

Launching Narwhal Accelerator to assist game development startups

Today, MyGames Venture Capital (MGVC) and Xsolla veterans announced the opening of a Narwhal Accelerator. With the help of this new accelerator, emerging gaming companies and entrepreneurs will be able to access resources, finance, and assistance.

Narwhal Accelerator is run by Dmitrii Filatov, a former executive producer at MGVC and funding lead at Xsolla, and Grigory Bortnik, a former MGVC investment associate and investment director at Owlcat Games. Ilya Karpinskiy, managing partner of The Games Fund and cofounder of Owlcat Games, joins them.

The founders of Narwhal state that their goal is to assist fledgling gaming companies with support services. Up to $100,000 in financial finance and an additional $100,000 in services including “legal, HR, talent acquisition, and legal entity establishment” are included in their assistance package. Additionally, it can facilitate communication between investors, publishers, and the studios on its portfolio. On the Narwhal website, it is stated that a minor amount of firm shares are requested in exchange for this project.

In a statement, Filatov stated,“Our goal is to assist promising teams in reaching VC investors and publishers, supporting potential ‘narwhals” growth and success through a host of our supporting services that cover the most vital business aspects, especially for early-stage companies.”

Speaking about the studios Narwhal will collaborate with, Bortnik continued,“We are genre and platform-agnostic. The key question for us is the team’s potential to build a solid business and release a successful product. With our funding and support, we aim to convince investors that our portfolio studios have the potential to grow and become industry highlights.”