Leading the new era of Marketing concept, SAE creates sports brand sales myth

Leading the new era of Marketing concept, SAE creates sports brand sales myth

SAE, the marketing platform that detonated global sports brands. The APP that awakened potential customers in the world, SAE opened a new era of marketing

The birth of the predecessor of the Internet, Appa.com, in 1969 marked a revolution in human communication technology. After 50 years, the mobile Internet era has risen, and the combination of both mobile communication and the Internet has made high-end smartphone applications spread all over the world, and mobile media advertising app has become an inevitable choice for mainstream users as a marketing tool.

In this context, many global top-tier brands have chosen to place their advertisements on professional media advertising platforms with segmented fields, so as to help more users get accurate brand information and improve the efficiency of marketing promotion and information collection at the same time. In fact, the market is filled with a large number of users with strong economic purchasing power, young and active thinking, and obvious willingness to make mobile payments. Therefore, the choice of professional media advertising platforms is standing at the windbreak of the times and has become the most urgent user demand at present based on the huge gap in the market.

As a leader and pioneer in global brand marketing, SAE has taken the lead in launching its sports media advertising platform – SAE APP, which has already created world-shattering achievements in the international sports market after being put into the market and formal operation.

SAE has successfully signed up hundreds of international sports brands such as Nike, Adidas, Andres, Asics, Puma, Converse, Vans, Brooks, Reebok, Feile, Metsun Long, Lotto, Diadona, Kappa, Sketchers, etc. In just one month, the total sales of signed brands exceeded tens of millions of dollars, topping the advertising revenue list of sports brand marketing websites, and becoming the advertising platform with the most sports brands in the Top 20 list.

In addition, SAE has successfully stationed in major smartphone brands including Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, etc., comprehensively covering a large number of potential customers and visualizing the promotional content in the most direct and simple way.

As a sports advertising media platform with good reputation and user sentiment, the development concept of SAE APP is based on information sharing and dissemination of social relationship chain, allowing the advertising benefits of brands to achieve fissionable growth. The APP is rich in content and diverse in form, and can design different APP advertising forms for different brands and different groups, using big data to make accurate portraits of users and accurate algorithmic pushing, which is more targeted and can accomplish deeper reach to users.

The powerful power of intelligent technology helps make every user in this era a passive information disseminator, and then equipped with SAE APP platform brand advertising to complete a variety of forms of advertising and expand the space for creative interaction. What’s more, the APP makes the interactive connection between platform-brand-user, and then through the platform rights and interests mechanism, it realizes the spontaneous information dissemination among users, and finally realizes the delivery of effective brand and product information to users, realizes accurate marketing, makes the brand get the most exposure and obtains the highest cost-effective ROI.

The current segmentation of SAE APP application has shown the trend of verticalization of sports category. According to the data analysis, the percentage of active users of sports category on its platform are over 60%, which still has a large growth space. With the accelerated growth of sports users, the future sports vertical segmentation will continue to emerge through the continuous excavation and extension of sports needs, with a broad market prospect.

SAE Group, as a new type of mobile media group, is headquartered in Seattle, U.S.A. It has been deeply engaged in the mobile media industry for many years and has integrated the global media resources matrix, with many core App media resources, which vertically penetrate into the segmentation field, including sports, news, life services, audio, reading, live streaming and other categories, and almost all the apps of various categories required by users’ lives, achieving full coverage of users and strong cooperation of resources.

In the era of new media advertising, all kinds of creative advertising forms are blooming everywhere, as the new media of emerging products, compared with traditional advertising forms, the trend of the times, App has become a must for brand owners to compete in marketing. SAE Group has nearly 100 core and regular App resources, which can attract customers’ active attention in a very interactive and fashionable way, and integrate the elements of the Internet to turn advertising into an enjoyment, thus providing the most competitive new media resources platform for brand owners to create the greatest return on investment and a strong and efficient power engine for brand development.