Leading the Way in Pediatric Health and Education: Dr. Balvir S. Tomar’s Vision for a Better India

Prof (Dr.) Balvir S. Tomar with Vice President of India – Shri Jagdeep Dhankhar

Over the years, India has seen a significant decline in child mortality. According to the data, the mortality rate for children in the country dropped to 28 in 2020, compared to 37 in 2015. Although, this two-digit number still seems big, and our scientists are laboriously working on finding lifesaving solutions to bring down this number even further. At present, we have better medical facilities at our disposal, but the situation was not the same 30-40 years ago.

One of the major causes of high child mortality in the past was Indian Childhood Cirrhosis (ICC). From the 1970s to the 1980s, this disease caused the death of many children under the age of 5. ICC is a complex condition that can cause rapid and progressive liver failure. Fortunately, cases of ICC are rare today, and some experts believe that the disease may have been eradicated.

We cannot be thankful enough for the contributions of Prof. Dr. Balvir Singh Tomar in bringing Indian Childhood Cirrhosis (ICC) under control. Dr. Tomar’s determined efforts to find a cure for this life-threatening disease led him to conduct extensive research. As a result, he discovered that D-Penicillamine, a treatment used for Wilson’s disease in other countries, could slow down the fatal effects of copper on the lives of children and help remove it from the liver in cases of ICC.

Dr. Tomar’s ground-breaking research was published in the prestigious “Indian Journal of Paediatrics” and later cited in the United States in “Advances in Pediatrics,” adding international recognition to his work. His research has provided a lifesaving cure on ICC and has helped in saving the lives of countless children.

In addition to his contributions to countering the ICC, Dr. Balvir Singh Tomar also started the first pediatric gastroenterology institute in India at the SMS Medical College in Jaipur. What makes this achievement notable is the fact that public donations entirely funded the establishment.

Throughout his medical career, Dr. Tomar has dedicated himself to treating prevalent diseases in children like diarrhea and malnutrition. He has also demonstrated his commitment to providing access to advanced medical treatments and research to the broader population through public funding of this institute.

Dr. Tomar’s strength truly lies in his motivation to serve humanity daily by providing good medical health services and education to the people. And so, he has decided to use his strength in social entrepreneurship. He believes that helping people in any way is the noblest cause a human can think of and keeps these beliefs in mind in all his work. He always makes sure that he can use the immense knowledge that he has gained throughout his years to cope with any difficult situation that comes his way.

He was born on 28 August 1950 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He completed his MBBS and MD from Gajra Raja Medical College and later went on to specialize in Pediatric Nutrition at Harvard University. He then moved to Kings College, London, to complete his specialization in Pediatric Liver Disease. After returning to India, he has been actively contributing to medical and Educational Sector as a Paediatrician who turned into Academician. He has been serving as the Chancellor of NIMS University and the chairman of NIMS Hospital,  Niflux group of companies and News India 24×7.