Learn Blogging the Monish Chandan way – An Interview with the Coolest Blogger In Town

Learn Blogging the Monish Chandan way – An Interview with the Coolest Blogger In Town

Monish Chandan: A Financial Analyst, A Debutante Model & A Lifestyle Blogger

Blogging has emerged as a wonderful medium to showcase one’s creativity to the world. Monish Chandan is a prominent name in the world of blogging today. He runs a personal blog “My Life Experiences” which encompasses his take on Food, Fashion, Lifestyle, Technology, Health & Fitness. He admits that writing is his passion. He believes in making one’s content unique to attract brands and the audience.

In a candid conversation, he talked about his journey to becoming a Lifestyle Blogger and social media influencer.

Interviewer: Please tell our readers about yourself. How would you describe yourself in minimum words possible?

Monish: Monish Chandan, A true-blue Mumbaikar, has global followers. Finance Consultant by profession and Lifestyle Blogger by passion, a debutante in modelling and pro at financial analysis. He is purposefully passionate and uniquely creative at work as well as in arts and sports. He believes perseverance is the soul of success. He loves exploring his own country and befriending the foreign countries. He is an amateur Chef and a die-hard cricket fan. He is excited to meet wonderful people.

Interviewer: How did you get into blogging? Any interesting story that you would like to share?

Monish: I started blogging about 4 years ago, I share my experiences through my blog www.monishchandan.com on Food, Fashion & Lifestyle and much more. I never thought I would make into blogging but it just happened. It’s just my sheer passion and interest in writing my thoughts and sharing with everyone. In 2013, I use to write short stories, poems, etc in my personal diary and keep it to myself. I never dared to share it with anyone. Once I showed it to my friends, they really appreciated it and told to start writing on our intranet company website. From there I received a tremendous response on every blog that gave me the confidence to start my blog. My friends told me why don’t you start a blog on WordPress so that it reaches a wider audience and everyone know about it. That’s how my blogging journey started.

Interviewer: From where do you draw inspiration for your blogs?

Monish: I get inspired from generous acts such as kindness from strangers, Conversation starters, motivational quotes and I use that as a kick starter for any topic that makes my readers engaged with my blog.

Interviewer: Is blogging your way to release your stress or a professional pursuit?

Monish: Well I cannot say it a stress buster but I enjoy when I penned down my thoughts at midnight, It gives me a strong feeling of satisfaction, sense of accomplishment.

Interviewer: When Monish is not doing blogging, how did he spend his time? Any specific hobby?

Monish: That’s a good question!! Get some popcorn, fries on my bed watching Netflix !!

Interviewer: Share the experience of your journey so far?

Monish: It has been a great journey so far, way back in 2013, I started writing on WordPress and joined blog community – Indiblogger & BlogAdda, where I connected with like-minded bloggers. When I see right now, bloggers are now considered equal to the mainstream media and the power of blogging is tremendous. The impact it creates not just for us but for the brand is fantastic. I see that blogging has a bright future ahead.

Interviewer: What is your definition of success? Money/ fame/ satisfaction/ (any other)

Monish: I tell you one thing, don’t come into blogging, if you think it is easy to earn quickly. It’s not that easy as you would think of it. Don’t run behind fame or money, just focus on quality content, write unique stuff and bring creativity in your post. I know it’s hard-hitting but that’s the true story.

Interviewer: Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful blogger? Please share it with our readers?

Monish: As I said, No such formula exists. Just remember one thing Content is king in blogging. Give your determination, efforts and write unique content, your hard work will pay off.

Interviewer: A quote that inspires you?

Monish: Recently I came across the quote from Donovan Bailey (Jaimacan Sprinter) which inspired me a lot-

‘Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard, and sacrifice and above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.’