Learn from Rohit Sahoo, a renowned Meditation Teacher on how to unleash the Power of Your Subconscious mind.

Learn from Rohit Sahoo, a renowned Meditation Teacher on how to unleash the Power of Your Subconscious mind.

Do you often feel lost, unmotivated, or even dissatisfied with life in general? Do you find yourself dwelling on negative emotions, unable to control your train of thoughts?

All of these are signs that your conscious mind, emotional state, and subconsciousness are out of sync! Our subconsciousness is just one of the three parts of our mind, and they all come together to determine our skills, memory, habits, and emotions. If any of these three are disturbed or unaligned, you end up in a state of restlessness and anxiety.

Having an experienced meditation teacher, spiritual guide, and purpose coach by your side as you start your meditative journey can be a real blessing. Rohit Sahoo is one such highly sought after meditation teacher and spiritual guide who has been diligently offering free meditation and breathwork classes to people across India & even globally. 

Throughout his life, Rohit Sahoo has had a keen sense of curiosity and wonder about the extraordinary depth of life. His extensive insights into the human mind and his ability to blend eastern philosophies with modern science offer students a wholesome and fruitful meditation journey that continues to inspire many.

All those occasions when you felt being run over by anxiety can be essentially traced to the lack of integration of our subconsciousness with our conscious mind.

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to realign the three dimensions of your mind and ensure they function in sync with each other. It allows you to integrate your conscious mind, stabilize your emotions, and access your subconscious mind to attain your true potential.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the inner workings of our minds.

The Three Parts of Our Mind

As previously mentioned, our mind is a trio of

consciousness, emotions, and subconsciousness. If all of these three components work together in harmony, we can expect to lead a well-rounded and successful life. To understand how meditation can help us unlock the power of our subconsciousness, we must first delve deeper into these three dimensions of our mind.

The Conscious Part

Our consciousness, also called the thinking part of the mind, is the neocortex. It is the most advanced section of the brain, hosting our primary thoughts and identity. This part allows us to gain more knowledge, remember details, make plans, and create beautiful things. It is the knowledge and experience centre of the mind.

However, surprising as it may sound, we use the conscious part of the mind only 5% of the time. The rest is left up to the other two parts.

The Emotive Part

The brain’s emotive part is the limbic system, one of the most highly developed regions in humans. It is responsible for releasing neuropeptides, which can be understood as ‘mood’ chemicals, based on the signals it receives. Pain, anger, grief, happiness etc. are all caused by this release of chemicals by the limbic system.

This part also stores long term memories through the emotions you experienced during them. Since people tend to remember how they felt more than the experience itself, your emotive part is an essential component that makes up who you are.

The Subconsciousness

Lastly, the third part is the cerebellum, aka your subconsciousness. It governs your personality, habits and other common behaviours. Take breathing or blinking; for example; these are subconscious behaviours essential to life yet you don’t have to actively think to perform them. Your subconscious mind controls these and takes care of it.

On average, the human mind relies on the subconscious mind almost 95% of the time. It results in the feeling of running on autopilot and can cause feelings of helplessness and loss of control if left unchecked for too long.

The Effect of Meditation on Our Subconscious

Only once you’ve truly understood the landscape of your mind can you navigate life profoundly and find your true purpose. Meditation helps in this understanding by reprogramming our subconsciousness to erase any negative affirmations or past trauma and instead filling it with positivity and


Through Awareness

Perhaps one of the most significant changes that meditation brings to our subconscious is awareness. It is the perception of being free of any preconceived notions, identities or personas that limit us in any way.

Albeit not easy, by achieving utmost awareness you free your subconscious mind from any impositions. It allows your mind to handle afflicting thoughts, negative emotions and traumas in a healthier manner.

There are several steps that your meditative journey will take you through before attaining awareness.

First, after a few weeks of practising meditation with your meditation teacher Rohit Sahoo, you will experience calmness pervading your mind. Your conscious mind will start integrating itself, which will manifest as gradual lessening of intrusive thoughts.

Next, you will start to recall random events from your past and long-forgotten incidents that have been tucked away into your subconscious. Remember just to observe these, and not dive too deep into them. This is when most people experience nightmares, which can be understood as a response by the activated subconscious mind to protect us from traumatic incidents.

Scary as it may sound, once you make your way past it, you will experience true bliss is life like never before. Within a few months, people have reported sharpened senses, enhanced creativity and deep satisfaction with their lives. However, nothing in their living circumstances changes, but their entire outlook on life was altered for better wholesome living.

Some other benefits you will experience through meditation are:

● Improved Memory.

● Heightened Focus.

● The ability to heal and grow.

● Focused on the present.

● Increased imagination and patience.

● Better self-awareness.

Final Words

Meditation isn’t just a mindfulness technique that you can use whenever things get stressful; it is an excellent approach to live your life. This practice will change how you look at yourself and the world around you, letting you forge a deeper connection with the universe. It helps you let go of trivial hindrances or negative experiences and instead allows you to live in the moment and truly enjoy your life to the fullest.

To enjoy all the benefits of meditation and get your life back on track, it is always best to seek out an experienced and renowned meditation coach. Rohit Sahoo has been personally trained by a renowned spiritual master and he brings with himself an immense understanding into how ancient spiritual wisdom can be married with modern science, to make spirituality relevant for the contemporary human. 

Furthermore, through his volunteering association with Science Divine, a leading not for profit spiritual movement in India, his message of meditation has reached tens of thousands of underprivileged children.

If you’re looking to harness your complete potential, strengthen your spiritual self & live a more meaningful and prosperous life, reach out to him for guidance!