Leonard Sekyonda Announces the release of his new Book “Become your Own Hero Again”

Leonard Sekyonda Announces the release of his new Book “Become your Own Hero Again”

This book is written keeping the millennial generation in mind. Though it applies to people of all ages this book is a must read for all the millennials. Leonard Sekyonda’s Become Your Own Hero Again truly is a ultimate success guide for the smartphone generation.

The book addresses the issues of self-imposed limitation the people put upon themselves which ultimately holds them back from achieving their goals. The writer has shared his own successes and failures and utilizing his own experiences, encourages the reader to ask themselves, how their own thoughts have created barriers for themselves that have stopped them from achieving their goals.

The book presents a series of practical steps through which Leonard helps the reader to battle negative thinking, toxic relationships, and ever expecting social conditioning. His methods help the reader to set realistic short term and long term goals which are not bounded by self-doubt, worries or fears. The writer encourages the readers to continuously challenge themselves  and then some more until the reader realizes that the barriers to their success were the ones imposed by society, social media and fake perfection society expects of you.

Let’s see what the Leonard has to say about the book, “People often have trouble thinking when it comes to their lives and careers. The more limitations we have in our mind, the less we will be able to manifest in real life. This book is designed to help you get started, because taking those first few steps is all you need to do. You are already complete and have everything you need for happiness; it’s just a matter of perspective.”

Leonard Sekyonda

About the Author:

Leonard Skeyonda is a CEO and founder of global entrepreneurial networking community mycomeup.com. Having launched in 2015, the platform now has more than 125,000 active users from around the worlds and aims to reach 1 billion users in 5 years.

Please visit the website to know more about the Author @ www.leonardsekyonda.com