LifeHouse – New Startup Set for Successful Launch Despite the Challenging Times

LifeHouse – New Startup Set for Successful Launch Despite the Challenging Times

Despite the dreadful presence of the Covid-19, LifeHouse is showing remarkable business savviness in how their new smart home company has thrived from inception until now. In a time when most businesses are struggling to keep their doors open to prospective customers, LifeHouse is growing exponentially and reaching new levels of popularity amongst home decor and smart-home enthusiasts.

LifeHouse owes its growing fanfare to a unique business model that personifies household products. With household products that carry a story of ancestry and history, the creative team at LifeHouse has succeeded in making home decoration more intimate than it previously was. If customer reviews can be believed, every product on the LifeHouse inventory is a result of deep research and technical expertise. Homeowners and property developers rave about the possibility of tailoring their homes to a piece of history that most appeals to them and their piers, respectively.

More so, with people spending more time at home, there comes an increased need for comfort and positive energy around the house. LifeHouse reiterates that interior designs with relatable household items will go a long way to ensuring calm and even happiness in these times.

When quizzed on why so much thought was put into a company that promotes smart homes and household products, Bobby Borisov, cofounder at LifeHouse, had this to say, “ At LifeHouse, our goal is to transform the way we view household products. One way to really feel at home in your property is by connecting with the pieces that make up the home. That’s why our household products represent a wide range of history and ancestry. LifeHouse is not another web for selling online, LifeHouse is a reputable platform for a variety of clients with different needs & budgets. While we are supporting the trends of Smart Homes, we want to remind our clients that we are still human, and not robots chasing the never-ending cycle of new technology being developed daily.

Amid the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic, LifeHouse has managed to establish a business that can not be affected by any of the circumstances seen so far. With old and new customers expressing warm regards for LifeHouse and its products, the team has promised to keep their doors fully open for business after they launch officially. The company empathizes with those directly affected by the coronavirus and have rolled out innovative means of marketing and order fulfillment to protect their business, and more importantly, prospective customers.

LifeHouse founders, Bobby Borisov and Larry Lichterman, are strong believers in giving back. A lengthy track record in supportive housing proves that they will continue expanding the program as LifeHouse grows.

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