Lin Jinliang brings high-tech guardian jeans that never fade to amaze Paris Fashion Week

Lin Jinliang brings high-tech guardian jeans that never fade to amaze Paris Fashion Week

26-28 | 09 2023

During Paris Fashion Week, one of China’s top ten fashion designers, Lin Jinliang, unveiled his high-tech guardian jeans that never fade. His creations were showcased in the renowned L’Hotel des Arts & Metiers, a museum known for its craftsmanship and artistry. This museum is a prestigious art hotel in Paris, previously hosting fashion events for luxury brands such as Cartier, GUCCI, VERSACE, and Zegna.

Within the splendid Nordic-style mansion of L’Hotel des Arts & Metiers, a captivating SHOWROOM with a unique fusion of Eastern and Western influences is currently underway.

Created in collaboration between the Guangzhou government, the Guangzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and European partners, the MILAN & PARIS 2024SS themed exhibitions for Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks, along with the SHOWROOM MENSHEN, have garnered great honor for Guangzhou’s fashion brands. MENSHEN, as one of China’s outstanding original fashion brands, is proud to be invited to showcase its creations at this event.

MENSHEN’s debut at the event featured Mr. Lin Jinliang, the founder of the MENSHEN brand, presenting his latest innovation in the denim field: eco-friendly clothing that never fades. In addition to clothing, MENSHEN also introduced a range of non-fading metal accessories with a distinctive Chinese style. The collection received an enthusiastic response at the venue.

The concept of Men Shen is to safeguard a better quality of life, with environmental protection and health as its mission! The Men Shen brand’s team has tirelessly worked to successfully develop reactive dyeing, where the active genes of the dyes react with the fibers to form covalent bonds, allowing for better adhesion to the fabric. The fabrics dyed with reactive dyeing exhibit bright and vibrant colors, while also offering superior color fastness compared to conventional denim, making it less prone to fading. However, it still retains the ability to create a distinct washed style with a pronounced denim character.

Lin Jinliang’s Chinese-style brand, MENSHEN hiphopsport, is a premium sub-brand under the Men Shen fashion culture. The “high-tech non-fading denim” has dazzled the global fashion scene. Through the fusion of traditional Chinese Men Shen cultural symbols and creative fashion design, it showcases the beauty of apparel art that blends Eastern tradition, technology, and Western fashion.

Local renowned bloggers, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and media from Paris were present at the scene to experience MENSHEN’s eco-friendly fashion.

“Men Shen, Guardians of a Beautiful Life!